Wednesday, April 5, 2017

REVIEW - Backhand - Elise Faber

TITLE - Backhand
AUTHOR - Elise Faber


Mike Stewart is a bad boy.

Sleeping around. Boozing. Fighting with teammates.

Name a bad behavior and he’s done it—done it so well, in fact, that he almost tanked his career as a starting defensemen for the NHL’s San Francisco Gold.

But Mike is done with all that. He’s starting with a fresh foot forward and putting his past behind him.

That is, until his past quite literally reappears before his eyes.

Sara Jetty is just as beautiful as she was a decade before, but Mike hasn’t seen her since she left for her first Olympics and scored a gold medal in women’s figure skating. Now something has put shadows in her eyes, a familiar type of hurt he is all too well versed in.

This Sara wants nothing to do with him. Their easy friendship is gone and in its place is a hardened woman who’s nothing like the girl from his past.

Still, Mike hasn’t become a top defensemen in the NHL by being afraid of hard work, and he isn’t about to let Sara push him away. Come hell or high water, he’s going to crack her tough outer shell and find the sweet, innocent woman he’s lusted after and loved, in equal measure, for more than ten years.


“Second chance, 5 star”

Growing up Mike and Sara were close. From the same town and both partaking in sports involving ice they spent a lot of time together. They fell for each other but never got to act on it before life went crazy and they got separated.

When Mike first saw Sara after a decade he couldn't believe his eyes. She had been pretty as a teenager but was perfect as a woman. Sara had always been the apple of his eye and he's not willing to let her to, no matter what secrets she keeps.

Sara fell from grace a decade ago and lost everything and everyone she loved. Since life hasn’t been easy. But that's may change when Mike reappears in her life. Will she be able to handle the media circus? 

Mike and Sara have an uphill battle to defeat before the happily ever after starts. Can they ride it out? And will Mike be able to handle the danger Sara is in? 

Backhand is a fast paced romance with a great balance between hockey and romance. You can't help but cheer on Mike and Sara. The secondary characters are awesome and help shape the story. Brit was probably my favorite. 

Here are a couple lines from Backhand that I enjoyed;

“And he shut up because what was he going to say? He’d read a romance novel to try and win her over? Yeah, not happening.”

“That’s love. You put the other person’s feelings first,” Brit said. “So don’t bother martyring yourself when it will only piss off your woman.”

“He was huge, his hand spanning the width of her thigh easily, and just the kind of man she liked. Big and strong, tall and wide-shouldered. Here was a man who could do all the clich├ęs: protect her, shelter her, weather proverbial storms.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 4/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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