Tuesday, April 4, 2017

REVIEW - Ends Here - M. Robinson

TITLE - Ends Here
AUTHOR - M. Robinson


Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
And all that fucking shit.
I had killed.
I had sacrificed.
The innocent and the corrupt. I knew blood and I knew violence.
Never imagining I could know love too.
Mia Ryder was a woman to love. To cherish. To fucking claim. Now, forever, and
every day in between.
If there was anyone I’d go to Hell and back for, it was her.
Even if it meant, going to war with…
My fucking brother.


“Complete and total mind screw, 5 stars”

First off if you haven't read Road to No Where turn around right now and go read it. Because in order to understand this story you need to start there. If you plan on diving into Ends Here I recommend you grab some tissues, alcohol, and comfort food, because once you start you won't be stopping. Robinson blows us away time after time. One never knows where she will take a story but it's always more than what one expects.

Last we knew Mia was pregnant and kidnapped. Everyone is searching high and low for her. Noah and Creed are both going crazy with all things Mia related. Both brothers love her fiercely, and she them. But only one owns her heart, is it Creed or is it Noah?

Ends Here gives both TeamCreed and TeamNoah what they want but at different times. When we met Mia in Road to Nowhere she was sixteen and in Ends Here we watch her grow from a child into a woman. Its a story of struggle, strife, and love. The question is will love win in the end?

I honestly can't say too much about Ends Here because if I open up about it, I will give it all away. It's an incredibly well written story that has so many twists and turns it's almost unfathomable. This story goes so far past all of our expectations. You meet new characters you will want more of and revisit past characters you have fallen in love with. Just spend the money and buy Ends Here and Road to Nowhere if you need to. You wont be disappointed, but you may need to set up an appointment with a shrink.

Here are a few lines that stuck with me;

“Even back then you were a pain in the ass. The baby girl who filled my heart with hope and love. Got me through the f*ckin’ war with your letters, knowin’ someone back home was thinkin' ‘bout me. Worryin’‘bout me, prayin’ for me. Lovin’ me.”

“His actions always contradicted his words. And now his words belonged to me. I think this was the turning point in our relationship, where I truly knew he was mine. ”

“He loves me. And not in the ‘I love you, I love you, too,’ kind of way. It’s in the ‘You’re my person, my lobster, my everything.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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