Tuesday, April 18, 2017

REVIEW - Dazed - Maria Macdonald

TITLE - Dazed
AUTHOR - Maria Macdonald

Releases April 28th


People say the heart wants what it wants and will not be denied. 

Those people are fools. 

I’m a practiced hand at hiding from the world. The scars I bear are invisible to all but me, and I use them to sustain the walls I’ve built around myself. 

He knocked my simple life into disarray and infiltrated my carefully constructed defenses. 

The tight control I maintain is at breaking point, and ever since our eyes connected across a lunch hall, my world has been off balance. 

I can’t have him, and he can’t have me. 

I know it. 

He knows it. 

I’m just not sure that Tarrant Reigns has ever followed anyone’s rules. 

Everything and everyone is against us.

Even his brother. 

Caden brought us together, but now he’s standing in our way.


“Not your typical love triangle, 5 stars”

Laura is the type of girl who keeps her head down and only has one friend, her roommate Morgan. That is until she meets Caden, and then she is drawn into her colleges spotlight. 

Caden quickly becomes one of her best friends. She’s protecting him from his secret coming out while trying to hide a secret of her own.

Tarrant wanted Laura from the first time he saw her, too bad his brother Caden got to her first. Will he be able to resist the temptation that is Laura? Can Tarrant set aside his own self doubt and finally realize he deserves happiness too?

He's the typical bad boy and she's the good girl. Things are bound to get messy and feelings will get hurt. Deliverance, everyone seeks it but will they get it?

I loved Laura, Morgan, Caden, and Tarrant. I was immediately sucked in and invested in the story and the people. I understood where each of them were coming from. Laura, Caden, and Morgan have a friendship so tight it’s basically the definition of friendship goals. When one is struggling they all feel it. 

This is probably one of Macdonald's more clean romance stories but it doesn't take away from the story. It's also her first New Adult story and as far as I’m concerned she hit the ball out of the park. 

Here are a few quotes from the story I loved;

“His arms move, changing gears so smooth and fast that you’d have to concentrate to really see the jerk as he shifts from fourth to fifth. I find myself wondering what it would feel like if he used his hands on me.”

“Most girls want the logs, they might think they want the tinder because it ignites so quickly, the fire is instant, but in the long run, they want something that will last.”

“There’s no strings with you, but I wish there were. I need to wrap up in them, tie myself to you so completely that I’ll never unravel. You’re pure, and together baby we can make our own rainbow.”
“… sometimes, when you mix something pure, with something dirty, you create something beautiful.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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