Wednesday, April 26, 2017

REVIEW - Boomerangers - Heather M. Orgeron

TITLE - Boomerangers
AUTHOR - Heather M. Orgeron


Boomerangers [boo-muh-rang-ers] noun, informal: an adult that moves back home to live with a parent after a period of independence.


I love sex. I love the power, the intimacy, the euphoria it brings. Too bad I’m not having any . . . You’d think as New Orleans’ most renowned sex therapist that I’d be swimming in single men. In a way, I am . . . except for the fact that one is in diapers and the other two are drowning in preteen hormones. As a single mother of three, my days are devoted to my clients and my kids, and my nights are spent with Fabio, my trusty vibrator. When my world begins to unravel, I have no choice but to move back home. And when my high school sweetheart comes waltzing back into my life, comedy and chaos ensue.

What can I say? I never said I could pick ’em, but you can bet your ass I know how to fix ’em.


As soon as the ink dried on my divorce papers, I made myself a solemn vow: I was done with relationships. Moving home to take over my father’s firm was the plan, until Spencer decided to return, along with three souvenirs from the life she’s lived without me. 

I’ve been in love with the girl next door for nearly all of my life; the rest was spent trying to forget her. I’d give almost anything for a second chance with her, but I have no time for distractions—especially the kind that involve diapers, bottles, and eighteen-year commitments. 

The problem is, she’s already got me by the balls . . . and I’m beginning to feel the noose tightening around my heart.


Boomerangers is a second chance romantic comedy book. It's about a woman named Spencer who is 33 years old with 3 children by 2 different men. She's a sex therapist for NOLA Sexual Health. One day her life is about to change due to her boss, Dillon sleeping with a client. She has to move back home to Cedar Grove. Next door neighbor Cooper aka Coop broke her heart when teenagers. Cooper has been in love with Spencer all those years. He doesn't like children and is jealous that that's not his family with Spencer. Can Spencer and Cooper have a 2nd chance romance being adults and with kids in the picture? You'll have to find out to read this one!

To be honest, I wasn't fond of how the story started. However, as the story progressed the characters and context got better. Spencer's children is what makes this book a comedy. I can just picture little ones saying what her kids said and literally laughing at it. Some readers maybe can relate to Spencer of how her life isn't easy, uprooting her family and moving back home with her Mom. Her children always come first.
I really liked Cooper and him trying hard for Spencer to love him back. The way he handled her kids made me say awe.
The ending was my favorite.

Heather M. Orgeron is a new to me author and I can't wait to read more of her books. Her writing grabs you. The characters can be realistic. If you like reading books like me by new authors and/or want to read a 2nd chance romance that will have you laughing than I recommend this book to you.

Quotes I liked:

“He just needs time to fall in love with 'em, baby.”

“Sharing my children with others has never come easy, but it's because I was trying to do it with the wrong people. Your love for my boys, your dedication and passion for their happiness and their well-being means more to me than you will ever know.”

“When did you get a hamburger, Mommy? I'm hungry. I want one, too.”
“You got our order wrong. We ordered hot dogs.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 4/5
Heat- 3/5
Writing Style- 4/5
 Overall Rating- 4/5

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