Thursday, June 6, 2019

Release+Review-Deadline to Damnation-Anne Malcom

Author: Anne Malcom
Series: Sons of Templar #7
Release Date: June 6, 2019

About the Book

My life is about the story.
I've risked my life for it.
Many times.
I chase the story so I can escape having to face my own.
But this one is different.
This story will make my career. My life.
Or it will end it.
The Sons of Templar MC. The most notorious and dangerous outlaw motorcycle club in the country.
And I'm going to get the scoop.
Or I'll die trying.

Our Review:

Drop everything you are doing and start reading now!

Deadline to Damnation is book 7 in the Sons of Templar series, adulting was thrown out the window and I could not put this book down all day.

Caroline is chasing the story, doing what she does best she slips in like a chameleon; what she doesn’t expect is to find a ghost from her past at the end of a gun that has just been used in a murder. Jagger has been living in the shadows for over a decade, giving up his dream life that he planned all those years ago; she deserves better not the scarred shell of a man that now resides in his body.

The war of all wars is coming and they are all feeling the pain of their losses, when the war starts can the Sons keep themselves and their families safe?

I personally loved everything about this book, while it was gritty and raw Malcom’s writing brought the words to life. I really enjoyed hearing from our other amazing Sons couples, knowing what was going through their minds gave the story another layer.

Malcom continues to wow me with this series, being 7 books in her writing has only gotten better and better pulling me in hook line and sinker.

I look forward to reading more from Malcom in the future.

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5 Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5

About the Author

Anne Malcom has been an avid reader since before she can remember, her mother responsible for her book addiction. It started with magical journeys into the world of Hogwarts and Middle Earth, then as she grew up her reading tastes grew with her. Her obsession with books and romance novels in particular gave Anne the opportunity to find another passion, writing. Finding writing about alpha males and happily ever afters more fun than reading about them, Anne is not about to stop any time soon.

Raised in small town New Zealand, Anne had a truly special childhood, growing up in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. She has backpacked across Europe, ridden camels in the Sahara, eaten her way through Italy, and had all sorts of crazy adventures. For now, she’s back at home in New Zealand and quite happy. But who knows when the travel bug will bite her again.

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