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Release+Review-On The Surface-Nikki Ash

Title: On the Surface
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Single Dad Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2019
Cover designer: Juliana Cabrera with Jersey Girl Designs
Cover photo by Sara Eirew with Eirew Photography

People see what they want to see.  They only view what’s on the surface, and they’re easy to fool. I let them see on the outside that I’m a successful businesswoman. My clothes are designer, my makeup flawless, and I live in a high-rise condo in Lennox Hills. They see perfection, not what lies beneath the surface.

The real me, the one I keep hidden is a broken-hearted woman who uses the makeup to hide her tears.  The expensive clothing covers a heart once shattered by love. The walls of my expensive home shelter a lonely woman who hides the fact that deep down she wants to be loved.  A woman who is too scared to risk her fragile heart.

For ten years, I’ve managed to hide behind the image of perfection. Only letting people see what’s on the surface.

Until I ran into Jase.

Now, every raw emotion, every shattered piece of my heart that I buried long ago is exposed outside the protective walls of my high-rise condo.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep the walls from crumbling. He sees me beyond the image that I’ve created. He says he can handle what’s below the surface, but can I?

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“You see what you want to see, 5 stars”

Celeste is one of those what you see is what you get kind of women. She lets you make your own assumptions about her and lets very and I mean very few people into her circle. She’s one of those women who fought tooth and nail to get what she wanted and make a better life for herself. She thought she would never do love. But with all of her friends settling down and starting families she can’t help but long for it. She tried love once though and was burned…or was she?
Jase never expected Celeste to walk into his shop with her friends. But once you see someone you have history with its hard to ignore them and the questions that rise. No matter how bad they ended he’s still ridiculously proud of Celeste and the empire she’s built, just like she said she would. The timing wasn’t right for them then, but is it now? It’s not just him Celeste will have to accept but also his daughter is it worth the risk?
When we first met Celeste in The Pick-up we all kind of hated her. But in On the Surface Ash managed to completely redeem her. We find out why Celeste is the way she is, our questions are answered. Jase is the best kind of hero. He sees her, he sees below the surface of Celeste and understands her in a way not even her best friend does. Then you take his daughter into consideration. Skyla brings out a side of Celeste we never thought we would see from her. It probably helps they are alike. I loved On the Surface and think Ash knocked it out of the park. I cannot wait to see what she does with Quinn’s story.
Writing style-5/5
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