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REVIEW - Cameron's Control (Enthrall Novella #1) - Vanessa Fewings

Title : Cameron's Control (Enthrall Novella #1)

Author : Vanessa Fewings


Passion has a price. Fortune has a fate.

In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal. In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates.

One woman has pierced his infamous armor and unexpectedly seized his heart. Her reward? Everything a submissive could desire: A master’s total protection, unconditional love, and a ceaseless romance that continues to transform her by the day. Cameron demands complete submission, and he will get it.

He has everything a man could want. Everything a woman desires. But every master is put to the test.

Cameron’s arrives in the form of a past love. The woman who once suffered immeasurably when he refused to marry her, now seeks revenge. If she can’t lay claim to Cameron, no one can.

This woman is dangerous. She has secrets. Secrets about his current submissive. About those close to him. Secrets that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

The choice will have to be made: business or love? The rule of an empire? Or the heart of a woman?

Cameron’s Control in the first novella in the acclaimed erotic romance series The Enthrall Sessions by Vanessa Fewings.

With this new story, Fewings continues to expand the seductive world that has captivated readers around the globe, a collection that includes the three novels Enthrall, Enthrall Her, and Enthrall Him.

Cameron Cole has returned… and he’s waiting for you.

My thoughts...

WOW! So, ever since hearing that there would be more Cameron Cole, every other book has been a time passer, until I could get my hands on Cameron's Control. 
I started this ARC, as soon as I received it, who wouldn't? But I found my mind wandering on little details, constantly trying to picture events from the books before. I know it wasn't all that long ago that I had read Enthrall Him, but I wanted to be fresh on all the details, so I could fully appreciate this new novella. So, I crazily decided to do a full series re-read. Which I loved just as much the third time, as the first. No idea how I managed to do that, as I'm not much of a re-reader. 
Anyway, after a crazy week of not getting it read very swiftly, I decided to pull an all day read yesterday, and read both Enthrall Him & Cameron's Control, back to back. Wow! A whole day of Cameron, best day ever!

Only now did I understand its true torment. I'd personally become acquainted with the misery of an impossible conquest.

So after refreshing myself on all the details and facts, I could move straight on. 
Cameron's Control literally picks straight up from the end of Enthrall Him. In fact, this time it is Cameron's POV, and it goes a little further back to his moments before seeing Mia on the shore. 
As my mind was already all over the place from the epic read of Enthrall Him, I was in a perfect position to fully appreciate the next stage. 

It did feel a little different to be reading from Cameron's pov, I absolutely love that man, more than any other fictional character, ever. And he has proved to be truly amazing, once inside his head and thoughts. But sadly, I missed Mia. I know, it's totally crazy, and I did truly love to read from Cameron's pov, it's great to hear his version of events, or opinions on matters, that were so hard to fully gauge before. But, it did feel kind of quiet without Mia's beautiful mind. I loved reading the stories from her pov, she is an incredible character, and I felt like I missed her. Certain scenes that she was in, I found myself wondering what she was thinking. Yes I know, odd. 
Anyway, it didn't in any way spoil the story. That was simply perfection.

This time we are watching Cameron and Mia, finally getting their HEA, even if it takes a tumultuous ride to get there. 
We still get the incredible atmosphere, the intense and overwhelming passion between Cameron and Mia, but we now get other new developments. Cameron's past is a focal point this time, it's coming back to bite his gorgeous butt, and how is he and Mia going to deal with it. 
It's Cameron under pressure, and completely thrown, but still handling it like the god that he is. 
We also get another blast from the past, causing trouble for the couple. I won't say too much about it, as it will spoil the build up, but it would seem nobody wants Mia and Cameron to get things easy.
All these events, and twists and turns are what makes this story so incredibly gripping. Of course the amazing passion that occurs quite frequently, certainly helps. 

The objective to find the right applicant had gone...swimmingly.
Right up until the point I'd fallen for her.
All I had to do was train her. 
Break her.
Prime her. 
Ready her.
Tame her.
But she'd trapped me instead.

If we thought the intense, other worldly, and page sizzling sex scenes were incredible in Enthrall Him, well they were certainly bumped up a notch in this story. Being in Cameron's mind whilst he totally works over Mia, is an intense place to be. Usually we get Mia, immersed in subspace, and beyond rational thought (who wouldn't be) but this time it's from Cameron, and yeah wow! He really is a man of power and control. Seeing the scenes play out from his eyes and mind, makes it a totally different experience. 

I'd found her. The one. I knew it in the depth of my soul. Even if the journey had been harrowing, there was no doubt Mia was worth every angst filled moment until I'd been able to call her mine.

Random thought: Two words, The Vault. Yep, I want one in my house. 
*Looks at floor* 
Hmmm not gonna happen, plus I would also need a Cameron to place down there, again, not gonna happen. 

We get to see a few new characters in this novella, or characters that were introduced before, but we are now seeing more of them. Henry, for one. I loved Henry, Cameron's older reclusive brother, whom we met in Enthrall Him, and he is now back in Cameron's Control, which I'm so happy about. He is another version of Cameron, without the social graces, and filter, which makes him so funny, and I really would love to see him with Mistress Scarlett. That would be perfect. 
McKensie, hmmm don't trust her. Don't like her. Mia really needs to go feral on her.

Vanessa Fewings flawless writing is again what makes this story shine. Her vision of the world within this series, is what makes it come alive. The beautiful imagery, leaves you wishing you could jump within the pages. 
It's obvious her knowledge of certain subjects, (psychological aspects) is what makes this book different from all the rest. You can't have these sorts of intense characters, subject matter, and content, in a book without knowing what you're talking about. It's obvious in this book (and series) that the facts weren't just researched on the internet, certain elements are far too complex, to even attempt to broach without full knowledge, and experience. The psychological aspect of this book, because it's Cameron's pov (not Mia's) is a very important factor in the story, but incredibly insightful. To me, it just showed how much better this book was, to others within the genre. It stands alone, and I can't really compare it to others.

Now of course, the ending is pretty intense, and yes a cliffhanger, BUT the follow up is mere weeks away, so it really isn't all that drastic, and worth panicking over. It was rather epic, and I was biting my finger nails down to nothing, the tension and panic on the pages, were crazy exciting. 
I'm unbelievably excited for the follow up to Cameron's Control. This novella was perfection, and I'm still so happy that Vanessa Fewings didn't end this world, with Enthrall Him. The possibilities are literally endless, so many incredible characters within the world of Enthrall, and Chrysalis. I really hope it never ends. 

This was an incredibly good read, and recommended to anyone and everyone, who loves their books to have, the most Dominant and Alpha of all fictional male characters. With complex story lines, that are clever, intense, and really get you thinking, whilst gripping your kindle. Plus, unbelievably hot and mind numbing sex scenes, that will ruin you for all other books, that delve in to this risky but addictive subject matter. This world will leave you wanting more. 

Mia was more than my lover, she was my life, and I was willing to do anything to save her. Anything.


**I was kindly given an ARC of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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