Tuesday, May 26, 2015

REVIEW - spark (Fire on the mountain #1) - Erin Noelle

 TITLE: Spark

AUTHOR: Erin Noelle



I’m failing. 

My younger brother is getting worse, and my job - my duty - is to help him at all costs. 

We’ve tried everything modern medicine has to offer and nothing works.
Deciding to turn to unconventional treatments, we end up at Fire-on-the-Mountain, a holistic resort deep in the Rockies.
In our search for medical marijuana, I find beautiful, free-spirited Hudson Shavell - a girl who may not only holds the key to heal my brother, but to fix me as well. Even though I can’t afford distractions right now, she’s all I can think about. All that I want.

It’s funny how everything can change with one little SPARK.


*contains spoilers*

Wow...what a heartbreaking real story. 
I fell in love and hurt, when they hurt in this story. 
All Crew wanted was to find a way to help his younger brother Caleb deal with his epilepsy. 
If that meant a move from Texas to Colorado then so be it.
The boys and their mom picked up and settled in Breckenridge. They stayed at a B&B until they found a place to live.

Hudson is one of the daughters of Fire On The Mountain B&B. Her family owns a Marijuana dispensary in town, and she has the green thumb of the family.
Sparks fly when she meets Crew and at the same time falls in love with Caleb. 
Hudson is a healer and all she wants to do is take away his pain.
In this story you witness two young adults fall in love, witness how medical Marijuana can help one with epilepsy, cry over the loss of a beautiful soul, want to throw the book across the room, in hopes of making one pull their head out of their own ass, then witness the boy get the girl back and have the HEA they deserve.

"You mean everything to me, and I promise you I'll never be reckless with you again. I'm so far from fucking perfect, and I'm sure I’ll do something stupid in the future, but I won't purposely hurt you. Not ever again. I swear to you, Hudson, on Caleb’s memory. I. Love.You."
Seriously what red blooded female wouldn't melt a little bit after hearing that? The best part? 
There's more than that in the book...all you need to do is check it out.
I give this book a 4 and can honestly say I am excited to read the next in the series.







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