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Review - Sra'Kalor - Jessica Werner

TITLE: Sra'Kalor

AUTHOR: Jessica Werner



Feared by the citizens of her birth town and her family, Alana spends her 18th birthday in a way she did not expect: put on a bus to a town called Ashwood Falls, after being told by her parents to never return.
Soon after arrival, she learns that she has something in common with the denizens of her new home: Magic. Unable to control her powers, she seeks help in The Circle, a group formed by magic users. She begins her journey in a strange world unknown to her, completely unaware of the dangers. 

Leandrus, a powerful demon, had been summoned before. But this time it was different. His powers, and the summoner, were nowhere to be found. The demon makes his way into the foreign town on his own. The problem? The soul of his human host had not been banished and keeps making his life difficult. As if that was not enough, he can sense that his 'One' is near. As he finds Alana - sweet, innocent and inexperienced - he cannot believe that an old prophecy has chosen her to destroy him. To avoid his own destruction, he has to eliminate her first. 

Will he be able to ignore his heart and kill Alana? Or will he rather kill the danger threatening her, before it is too late? And how will Alana handle the vast changes to her life? Will she learn to control her powers or will she endanger everyone? 

Whats it all about

Alana (She's what I'd call "Human Plus") & Leandrus a Demon. And I suppose Tyler, but I came to think of him more as Leandrus' inner monologue. 

What I thought

Let me preface this review by saying that, the English in this book is really not good. Grammatical errors, linguistically it was completely off base, and some of sentence structure was really lacking. 
It sometimes read like English was not the author's first language, so I cannot rate this high, because it was quite difficult to read. So I'm taking away two stars for that and will base the rest of my rating solely on the story I read. 

Alana finds out, much to her and her family's shock that she has "powers". This is not something she can control, and as such leads her to be a town outcast.
As soon as she turns 18, her parents (Although I reckon it was mostly her super bitchy mother) give her the boot from town. They pop her on a bus, and tell her to not get off till the last stop, and don't come back! (Charming).
Alana arrives in Ashwood Falls and settles down the best she can. Within days she is falling out with people, because she thinks its okay to stare at people and ask inappropriate questions.
Eventually she finds her footing, with Zandra and "The Circle" who educate her in her natural ways.

"Of course. Tyler is not of your flesh, pretty one. You have needs, as do we all. He is a handsome male to be sure. Were I you, I would act upon those feelings" 

Its clear there are sparks between Leandrus and Alana, as soon as they meet, but by the end of the book, there is still no real romance, but there is a build up to it, and to the rest of the series.
At Least from Zandra's POV.

"Taking a deep breath, she told herself to trust that if there was anything to tell, she would get a sign, until then she would stand by the girls side together with Leandrus, Tyler and the rest of The Circle. They were family, and whoever might try to harm them, would pay for it."

*The story had potential, and could of been so much more. Yet I felt the quality of the writing distracted me from the actual story. With that in mind, I could only give Sra'kalor 2.5 stars. This is my own personal, honest opinion. It does not mean, that everyone who reads this, will not enjoy it. It just wasn't for me *

I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review



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