Friday, May 29, 2015

REVIEW - Filthy Desire (Onyx Club #1) - Sebastian Ex

TITLE: Filthy Desire

AUTHOR: Sebastian Ex


My name is Matthew Weston. Don't call me anything else, because I won't respond. And if you think you can get away with whimpering ‘Matt’ while I have you tied to the bed, about to devour you, it'll end up being your loss.
Men like me don't talk about feelings. We just don't.
What men like me do is pound. I pound the asphalt with my running shoes on morning runs. I pound a punching bag in the gym until my knuckles bleed. And when I need a release, I find a beautiful woman sprawled out on her bed, eagerly waiting for my cock, and pound her into oblivion. Yeah, that's me. I don't have feelings, and I don't do love.
At least I didn't, until the night Ella walked into my office looking like a disgusting junkie to interview for a position for The Onyx Club.
She was like no one I'd ever met before. She was timid, reserved, and quite plain with her mousy brown hair and dirty clothes. Ella also had a dark and haunted gleam in her eye. A secret, a past she was desperate to conceal.
And when she called me ‘Matt’ it didn't seem to bother me.
She came into my life and turned it upside down. The only question is, can I screw her out of my system, or will my filthy desire for her keep her by my side?


This book wasn't what I thought it was going to be. It was well-written by a male author!  
This story had some bdsm scenes that didn't take over the entire storyline, which in my opinion was good ... it was flowing. 
There was love, hope and respect.  
There's Matthew who is a dominant,  get what he wants kind of guy, who doesn't like to be called anything but Matthew.  He owns Onyx Club with Brandon (he's also a dominate).  
In walks Ella who is looking for a job. She looks like she hasn't showered in days.  Matthew hires Ella to be a busser.  She only calls Matthew- Matt and he can't stand it but lets it go.  
As the story progresses, Matthew finds out the awful, heartbreaking past of Ella and he takes care of her. He won't let anything happen to her. 
Then one evening at the club, Matthew can't find Ella. They look at the security tapes and someone kidnapped her!   
They find  her and Matthew takes care of the guy who kidnapped her.   
You'll meet other characters in this book that fit in quite well. 
My favorite part was the ending. You'll have to read the book to find out what that is! 
I would definitely read the next book in the series.

Some quotes/parts of the story that I liked:

"There's no window coverings, or whatever they're called, so you'll be up the moment the sun rises. I'll get that sorted out tomorrow."

"No need, I love sunshine on my face. Reminds me I've lived through another day." her voice is wispy and soft.

"Those aren't panties, they're parachutes. You need something nicer."

 **I was kindly given a copy in exchange for an honest review**



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