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REVIEW - Douche - Chloe Plume

TITLE: Douche

 AUTHOR: Chloe Plume


Yeah, I'm an a real a**hole, a grade A DOUCHE, but I always get what I want. Or I did, until SHE came back into town. 

Zayde Knight is bad news. He's a typical pop star - arrogant, rich, and a complete douche. He's also my stepbrother. So why can't I get him out of my mind? 

Madison Pierce has her life on track. She's back in L.A. for the summer before starting Stanford to work an internship that will make her father happy. But there's one big problem: Zayde. Zayden Knight is the bad boy pop star of the moment, and his mom also happens to be married to her dad. He's the epitome of everything Maddy hates: a cocky, self-centered womanizer who only cares about himself. He's also really freaking hot. Every girl wants him. Except for Maddy. She knows better than to fall for the bad boy, right? 

Zayden Knight doesn't do commitments. He's got enough trouble as it is, and now he is stuck back in his stepfather's home for the summer trying to rehabilitate his image so he can go back to being the world's currently most adored pop star. But skinny, frumpy, preppy Maddy is back in town and it looks like she has changed a lot since he last saw her. He's got plenty of hot girls to choose from, so why is Maddy the only one on his mind?

My Review:

*contains spoilers* 

We all have that one person in our lives who is the definition of a Douche. For Madison Pierce that person is Zayden Knight. 

Zayde comes in the form of a step brother. Lucky for Madison they weren't raised together and they definitely hardly ever cross paths. If you haven't figured it out yet this is a step brother book. I usually don't care for step brother books, but this one surprised me. 

Madison Pierce is the the sole heir to Peirce Media, her father's recording company in LA. She has spent the majority of her life in boarding school on the East Coast, where her father sent her after her mother died. Madison is expected to go to college then take over Pierce Media. She rarely goes home because she has an evil step mother who has made it known she's not welcome. 

Madison finds herself working for the agency that her father works with. She is going to spend the summer working with artists before heading off to Stanford. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong, because she gets put on Zayde clean up. 

Zayden has the classic rags to riches story. But he isn't the kind of artist he wants to be. He has no say in what he does music wise causing him to lash out. He is crazy and out of control. Zayde believes no one actually cares about him as a person and what he wants. Until Madison comes home. 

After she takes the fall for one of his antics to protect him from the media, he introduces her to a world she's never known. During Madison's music education the develop a friendship. Somewhere along the way the friendship turned into more. 

Zayde and Madison both grow up a lot during this book. They push each other to go after what the other truly desires in life and not settle for what their parents want for them. I love when an author can put into words how excited someone gets about something, how you yourself can get excited about it, and Chloe managed to do so when having Zayden teach Madison about Punk Rock and Rock history. And the same with Madison talking about giving back to third world countries. 

Question is, can the relationship withstand the storm ahead? Will they be able to stay together when their dreams are pushing them apart? 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book: 

“I’m saying I’m done with that life. I love music, always will, but I’m going at it my way” 

“You know, honestly I’m never going to be as financially successful, but I started this because I love music. So, getting back to that has been…well, honestly it’s the most meaningful thing I’ve done in my career so far.” 

“I don’t want to leave my dad alone. But I guess, what I really want is to help people when things go wrong in the world. Help give people a chance...people who wouldn’t even have a chance.” 

Star Ratings: 

Character- 3/5 
Writing style-4/5 


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