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REVIEW - What A Girl Wants - Selena Robins

TITLE - What A Girl Wants

AUTHOR - Selena Robins


She’s got the moxie. He’s got the sexy.

“Life’s a beach. Then you have sex on it.”

Travel journalist Maddie Saunders has new attitude, and wants two new accessories to go with it. One, turn her triple-X fantasies into reality with Mr. Sex-On-Legs—her friend, Alex Donovan. And two, find her biological father to see if her gene pool has a deep end. She never expected fulfilling both wishes would take her life down a drastically different path.

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.”

Alex, an investigative reporter, grits his teeth when he accepts a joint assignment to Hawaii with Maddie. He’s vowed to never get involved with any woman he can’t walk away from. Maddie falls under the heading of “Look, but don’t touch”. Trouble is, she excels at giving him a hard time—in more ways than one.

He manages to fend off her guerilla seduction tactics until a bone-melting kiss throws his resolve into the ocean. Complicated? Absolutely. Especially when he discovers the real reason they were sent to the island…

Warning: Side effects may include but not limited to, spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter, hot flashes and dangerous chocolate cravings. Contents include, one kick-ass heroine and a sex-on-legs hero whose kiss could singe the eyebrows off a mannequin. Can be read in bed with someone special or a BOB (battery operated boyfriend). Please note: Batteries not included.

My Thoughts:

So, I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book, but unfortunately I couldn't get around to reading it for quite some time, due to an endless review list. 
So I finally started this the other day, and if I'm honest I wasn't quite sure if I would like it. It started off with a lot of quick 1-liners, and humour, and I didn't think it was going to be my cup of tea. I never read comedy/humorous fiction, for some reason it just doesn't grip me, and I need the angst over the quick lines and giggles. So I was a bit worried, but I progressed through the easy breezy banter at the beginning, and I already noticed that the writing was very sharp and really clever. 
This is quite the lengthy book, and I was wondering what could be filling all the pages, but I soon found out. Once you get past the beginning part, it would seem it has a little mystery and clever suspense to the story.

Maddie Saunders is a feisty and determined girl, in her late 20's and a great career working as a travel Journalist. Her job is what is most important to her, so she doesn't have time to worry about anything else. Until she decides she needs some action, in the form of old friend, and fellow journalist Alex Donovan. He is extremely sexy, and determined to resist Maddie's ermmm charms, for the sake of their friendship. 
Which is stupidly hard, as Maddie is full on, and not taking no for an answer. 

This background story is how the book starts, Maddie and Alex are working together on a tropical remote island, and there is huge amounts of chemistry between them, and it's obvious they are perfect for each other right from the start, and yes it is very funny to see Maddie literally throw herself on poor Alex. So these scenes do make for some funny light reading.

But besides this story line we also discover, Maddie is determined to get something else. Answers. She wants to know who her father is, and is having a huge amount of trouble finding him. Her mother isn't helpful, between jumping from husband to husband, and trying to give maddie beauty tips, disclosing information on her father is not something she is very forthcoming about. 

So there does seem to be a few stories running at once in the book, but once the mystery starts to kick in, and all the twists and turns come in to play, it became quite gripping. I was trying to piece the bits of information we are given together, to find my own answers. Which I'm happy to say, I was proved wrong, and it was all quite shocking and extremely cleverly put together. 

So, once the main story kicks off, and all the action starts, this story became a very gripping tale. The writing was great, and I began to like Maddie, where I wasn't entirely sure at the beginning if I did. But I'm glad I continued reading beyond my humour fiction fears, because this was a great story! Fantastic holiday reading, if you are after an easy read with plenty of hot scenes, giggles and mystery!

Star Ratings:

Plot = 4/5
Characters = 3.5/5
Heat = 3.5/5
Writing Style = 4/5
Overall Rating = 4/5


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