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REVIEW - The Swan and the Jackal - J.A. Redmerski

TITLE - The Swan And The Jackal

AUTHOR - J.A. Redmerski


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Fredrik Gustavsson never considered the possibility of love, or that anyone could ever understand or accept his dark and bloody lifestyle—until he met Seraphina, a woman as vicious and blood-thirsty as Fredrik himself. They spent two short but unforgettable years together, full of lust and killing and the darkest kind of love that two people can share.

And then Seraphina was gone.

It’s been six years since Fredrik’s lover and sadistic partner in crime turned his world upside-down. Seraphina went into hiding and has eluded him ever since. Now, he’s getting closer to finding her, and an innocent woman named Cassia is the key to drawing Seraphina from the shadows. But Cassia—after sustaining injuries from a fire that Seraphina ignited—suffers from amnesia and can’t give Fredrik the information he desperately seeks. Having no other choice, Fredrik has been keeping Cassia locked in his basement as he not only tries to get her to recall her past—because she and Seraphina share it—but also to protect her from Seraphina, who clearly wants her dead.

But Cassia is a light in the darkness that Fredrik never believed existed. After a year subjected to her kindness and compassion, he finds himself struggling with his love for Seraphina, and his growing feelings for Cassia—because he knows that to love one, the other must die.

Will light win out over darkness, or will something more powerful than either further destroy an already tortured soul?

(Note: THE SWAN & THE JACKAL is NOT a New Adult title. It, and all other books in the series are categorized as Suspense/Crime/Thriller.)

My Review:

I seriously LOVE this series. Stupid, huge amounts!! One of my favourite series now. Unfortunately I started this book months ago, but had to keep stopping, to get other books read and reviewed. So this book kept getting pushed back. But when I finally got around to picking it back up again, it still felt so easy to fall back into the story, and the addictive writing. 

The first 2 books in this series were Sarai/Izabel's and Victor's story. This time it's a different person in the order, and one of favourite mysterious, dark and twisted characters. Fredrik Gustavsson, the Swedish man with perhaps the most darkest, and twisted of minds. Fredrik isn't like the others in the Order, his desires, and darkness is only sated in specific ways. Ways which aren't quite the norm, or the easiest to read. 

For 6 years Fredrik has hunted for his lover. Seraphina, the only woman to understand Fredrik's needs, perhaps because hers are much worse. But she disappeared, and has not been since. 

He is getting closer to finding her, but using an innocent woman, Cassia to help him. Fredrik has never done things the normal way, and this is not normal circumstances. It's a completely crazy, messed up situation, which seems to be going from bad to worse. Fredrik's cool and collected persona is starting to fray, and when he loses it, who knows what he will do, or what he is capable of. 

There is a whirlwind of crazy in this story. It's dark, disturbing, shocking, and completely confusing. But it's also hugely addictive, amazingly well written, and the characters are captivating. The outcome is surprising, and stupidly clever. I never for one minute saw it coming, and was hooked to every word until I understood the whole story. So clever. Again I have been wowed by the amazing writing of J.A. Redmerski, she knows how to tell the darkest of stories, but she does it in such a clever way, you want to know every part, even the bits that make you cringe. 

I still love Fredrik so much, and am hoping and praying that he gets his happy ever after, even if his mind is a pool of dark, sludgy matter. He is still my favourite, and I hope we see more of him.

Incredible ending. Truly satisfied with the outcome of another story, In the Company of Killers series.

Star Ratings:

Plot = 5/5

Characters = 5/5

Heat = 4/5

Writing Style = 5/5

Overall Rating = 5/5 


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