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REVIEW - Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen #3) by Tillie Cole

Title - Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen #3)

Author - Tillie Cole


"For fractured souls are like magnets.
Drawn to collide into an impossible bliss…"

Labeled a ‘Cursed’ woman of Eve from birth, Maddie has endured nothing but pain and repression at the hands of The Order’s most abusive elder, Moses. Now living with her sister in The Hangmen’s secluded compound, finally, Maddie, is free. Free from the suffocating faith she no longer believes in. Free from endless years of physical and mental torment.

Just… free…

At age twenty-one, the timid and shy Maddie is content to live within the confines of her new home—safe from the outside world, safe from harm and, strangely, protected by the Hangmen’s most volatile member; the heavily pierced and tattooed, Flame. 


The man who ceaselessly watches over her with his midnight dark and searing eyes. The man who protects her with a breath-taking intensity. And the man who stirs something deep within her numbed heart. 

But when circumstances conspire for Flame to need HER help, Maddie bravely risks it all for the broken man who has captivated her fragile soul. 

The Hangmen’s most infamous member, Flame, is ruled by one thing—anger. Plagued by haunting demons from his past, an all-consuming rage, and isolated by an abhorrent hatred of being touched, Flame's days are filled with suffocating darkness, pierced only by a single ray of light—Maddie. The shy, beautiful woman he cannot purge from his thoughts. The woman he has an overwhelming need to possess… 
... the only person who has ever been able to touch him. 

Flame’s mission in life is to protect Maddie, to keep her safe. Until a trigger from his troubled past sends him spiraling into madness, trapping him in the deepest recesses of his disturbed mind. 

His Hangmen brothers fear that Flame is beyond saving. 

His only hope of salvation: Maddie and her healing light.

What I thought

Where do I begin *blows out long breath* Let me set the scene for you.

It's December 2014, I've just read "Heart Recaptured" and I'm floored. I don't know what to do with myself, I just know I needed the next book in my life. I posted on Tillies facebook offering all the chocolate in the world if she was quick with it. Time ticked on and we got the title and cover and a release date. I was thrilled and even more excited. It felt like forever away. By this point I was already a time served Flame Whore and the days passed slowly. Then the day came and it landed on my kindle. I didn't over react and get a bit emotional. not at all..... But I did stop and think, what if? What if i've pinned too much on this? In my mind this was so much more than a book. It was 8 months of hope and excitement. I opened it and begin, allowing myself to get a few hours reading in before bed. I didn't stop until 1.50am at which point I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to do. I was back in December 2014 so I did the only thing my tired overwhelmed mind could think to do. I posted to Tillies facebook again, to tell her Thank You.

Souls Unfractured tells the story of the broken man and the broken woman who have so far been unable to mend. 
"I staggered across my cabin. I needed to get to the hatch. I needed to save her. She'd been hurt enough. I couldn't let him hurt her too."
Flame a crazy mofo from the Hades Hangmen MC has had a start in life so painfully distressing he became another person, he lost his name and never spoke of his life, he used and abused his own body as way of controlling his own sinister emotions, taking everything out on his own skin. His family the hangmen know its only a matter of time until he completely shatters and is gone to them forever but his emotions take an unexpected turn when he meets Maddie.

Maddie is the third of the "cursed sisters of Eve" She is the sheltered baby of the three whose life is turned upside down by the downfall of the religious commune she came from. She is lost, scared, lonely. Her belief in her religion decimated by the truth of the life she led, her sisters are around her, but she is still alone, except she isn't. There is a crazy guy pacing outside her window, a man who to look at, she should fear, but she doesn't. She feels something. Something good.
"  'I understand you Flame. And I am beginning to understand myself. What you and I are to each other.''And whats that?' I asked gruffly.Maddie bowed her head 'Everything'  "
This is so much more than a romance. It's so much more than drama and action. It is dangerous and emotional. Deviant and heart breaking. Devastating and soul lifting. Edgy and epic. It's mindfuckery at its best. 

For fans of the series, yeah the guys and gals we know and love make appearances (as do some of the ones we love a bit less) and there is a lovely surprise from Mae and Styx)

And if you've read it, that bit, yano with the brother and your him, i'm him. HOLY HELL!!!

With that in mind, Tillie, I'll give you all the chocolate in the world if you hurry with Deep Redemption  :)
"Thousands and thousands are waiting for your leadership to shine through."
Star Ratings:
Plot = 5/5
Characters = 5/5
Heat = 5/5
Writing Style = 5/5
Overall Rating = 5/5

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* A copy was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review *

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