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REVIEW - Belong - Jennifer Foor

TITLE - Belong

AUTHOR - Jennifer Foor


Ten years ago I fell in love with a married woman. I walked away so she could be happy, moving across the country to make sure I put space between us. We severed ties, and I promised myself I wouldn't look back. 
Since then I committed to someone else, and we have a child and a life many would wish for. Except, it's never been enough for me. There's always been something missing; something I never wanted to admit. 
With my own marriage failing, I'm forced to go back to my hometown to bury the man who raised me. I never expected to see her there, and nothing could prepare me for what would happen the moment my arms wrapped around hers again. 

*Stand Alone read, but also follows the characters featured in book two, BEREFT. 

My Review:

Sometimes life doesn't end up like we want it to, and sometimes we don't always get what we want. Sometimes we have to walk away from the ones we love for there sake. Belong is a testament to that. This is a beautifully slightly tragic love story of two people who have never really had a chance at being together. 

Chad met Rachel when she was his Grandfather's assistant. She was older then he, but they clicked. They had a brief love affair which ended with Chad walking away. Years later he's been through his own sort of hell when he finally sees Rachel again. Will he get the chance to be the man she needs? 
Rachel hasn't had an easy last few years. When she sees Chad again all her defenses are up. She doesn't think she can withstand hurricane Chad. Yet she finds that she can't stay away. When Chad takes another blow she does whatever she can to stay by his side and be whatever kind of person he needs. But is it worth it? 

I wanted Chad and Rachel together. They both deserved happiness, life just decided to give them a rougher path then most. I did find that I wanted a little more back story to the first time they were together. I felt like I wasn't completely in the know when I wanted to be. Chad though could be completely swoon worthy. The way he wanted Rachel could make a woman sigh. He wanted her so much that he was willing to do whatever he could. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes: 

“When you kiss me again, don’t stop. Take your time. Hold me longer. When we make love tonight, I want you to do it like we’re saying goodbye all over again. Love me like you’re losing me, just in case this is all we have left.” 

“Knowing how much you love me helps. I know the pain is only temporary. We’ll be together again. To the ends of the earth my heart will follow yours. I know that now.” 

“My light has faded. I’ve shot across the sky, giving lovers a sight to wish upon, and others hope of what remains. Though I’ve scattered in the atmosphere, remnants of me will always remain. We’re given one life, some long, and some short and unfinished. Though the choice isn’t ours, I’d like to think there’s something better out there waiting.” 

“True love is the light of life. Embrace it, and never let it go, for what was once dormant, can now shine brighter than ever before.” 

If you want a book about second chances this is it. You'll cry, you'll swoon, and you'll yell, by it 

worth it. 

Star Ratings:

Plot- 3.5/5 

Character- 3/5 
Heat- 3/5 
Writing style- 3/5 
Overall- 3.5/5 


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