Thursday, November 12, 2015

Top 10 Lists - Suspense/Mystery/Psych/Thriller


This week's Top Ten Thursday is dedicated to our favourite Suspense/Mystery/Psychological/Thriller. Again it's another quite broad genre/subject and hard to determine which specific category they would fall in to. So we have done a mix up of all four for this particular ten. But if you love your stories a bit twisty, dark, maybe even a bit scary, and definitely getting your brain to work, then we have chosen some great ones for you!

Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher - Goodreads

Extremely good, head f*** of a book. All round mysterious, sat on the edge of the seat, can't even pee - too gripping to put down book. 

The Girl in 6e - A.R Torre - Goodreads

Stupidly clever thriller. Nothing like you have read before. Amazing well written, and plenty of twists and turns. With a kick-ass heroine to boot!

Killing Sarai - J.A. Redmerski - Goodreads  

Already been in our top 10 for dark reads. We love this book. It's a perfect mix of dark, twisty, thrilling, amazingly well written, and addictive characters.

Kick - CD Reiss - Goodreads

An author favourite. Another of the Drazen sisters. This time celebutante Fiona. With the inside of a mental institute as her residence in this novella. It's dark, intriguing, stupidly hot, and gripping. 

Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard - Goodreads

Humorous dialog plus steamy sex scenes and add in a deranged killer and you have one amazing story!

Serial - Lily White & Jaden Wilkes - Goodreads

A blood thirsty killer, a woman who needs a break and a cop wants results. Somewhere between depraved and brilliant.

You Loved Me At My Darkest - Evie Harp
er - Goodreads

Two sisters set out for the holiday of their dreams only to find themselves in their worst nightmares. Deception, pain, confusion and loss. And some sexy time.

Three, Two, One - J.A Huss - Goodreads

Two very different men, one lost and confused woman, a group dynamic that messes with their mind and the readers and an ending that's both difficult and amazing!

Black Lies - Alessandra Torre - Goodreads

An epic story, an amazing romance, and a heart stopping twist, unlike any story twist ever.

Asylum - Lily White - Goodreads

A girl is some how in an asylum with no memory of why she's there, when the memories start to return things make less and less sense for her. Enter sexy doctor who brings a whole new level of complication.


Thanks for checking out this week's Top Ten, check in next Thursday for our 'Top Ten Erotica Books'!

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