Wednesday, November 4, 2015

REVIEW (Louise) - Double Down - Emma L Smith

TITLE - Double Down

AUTHOR - Emma L Smith


Double Down:

1. (In blackjack) double a bet after seeing one’s initial cards, with the requirement that one additional card be drawn

2. Strengthen one’s commitment to a particular strategy or course of action, typically one that is potentially risky.

Bec thought she had the perfect life. A husband, baby on the way. Until one day, everything changed.

Aron had one certainty. Bec was the one for him. Except she wasn't the one for him.

A short story about love.

My Review:

So I'll start by saying, this is a short story, but it's not like the normal short stories I have read in the past. 
I don't normally read many short stories, or even novellas all that often, as I'm always worried I won't be able to become totally invested in a story that will end sooner than I would like. But this was nothing like most short stories I have read. It didn't even feel like a short story. 

Double Down actually spans over quite a few years, but focusses on the important moments of those years.
It's a love story that actually shows that love at first sight can exist, it's not just a cheesy thing that you see in old romance movies. It's something that can hit you, hard, and at the completely wrong time in your life. This is what happened to Aron. When he saw Bec, he didn't expect to feel the way he did, and could do nothing about it. And even over the space of many years, he still felt just as strongly for the woman he couldn't have. Even as circumstances continued to change. 

Aron knew straight away, that he wanted her, she completely consumed his every thought. But she wasn't his to have, and he couldn't stand having to be near her, when she couldn't be his. So he did the right thing and left, cut ties and disappeared. Not that it stopped him from thinking of her. 

This is a short story, and I'm not going to summarise anymore as I'll end up telling too much of the story, and spoiling it. But although it may be short, it's definitely not lacking in content. There was nothing missing even though it was shorter than average, and was full on gripping from beginning to end. I think I must have gone through so many emotions, my head hurt. From full on welling up, to stupidly happy, it was a perfectly satisfying story. In fact, I would say this book is absolutely perfect if you just want to pick up something quick, easy reading, and the writing style is spot on. I felt completely gripped and sucked into this story. I just wanted everyone's lives to turn out perfectly without anyone getting hurt. That's the kind of characters that are in this story, and I absolutely loved the conclusion of this story!!

*NOTE - This book contains NO cheating, if that is an issue for you. You're safe with this book. ;)

5 HUGE Stars.

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