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REVIEW - Love Renewed (Entwined Hearts #3) by Maria Macdonald

Title - Love Renewed (Entwined Hearts #3)
Author - Maria Macdonald


Dane has only ever loved one woman in his whole life. Nova. When he lost her everything went dark, his mind, his soul, and his life. She was his light, his heart. A decade later fate plays a cruel joke bringing them back together, only to tear them apart again, when he realises she has no idea who he is. Now he has to battle, wage war, and bring grown men to their knees to get her back. The biggest fight he faces is turning away from the darkness and letting the light in.

All Libby Burchall remembers is a mediocre life, she’s just existed for over a decade. Scared of her history and confused about who she is, the safe path is the only one she’s travelled. When a face that she can’t remember breezes in from the past, calling her Nova and looking at her like she’s a ghost, it sets off a chain reaction of emotions that she can’t ever remember feeling before. Now she can’t stop seeing his eyes, hearing his voice, and being consumed by the dark, intense and insanely beautiful man that made her feel alive. 

Two shattered halves of one soul. He wants her light to illuminate the never-ending darkness. She wants to run, but something keeps dragging her back. 

Can they survive each other?

What I thought

Once upon a time, I stumbled across a book "Love Reflection" I fell head over heels for the characters. I was invested in them. Along came book two "Love Resisted". I fell further and harder in love with them, so by the time this book came along, I felt like I was one of these guys. They were my friends, I was rooting for them. Each of these books centres on a particular couple but as a series, Entwined hearts is so much more than a love story, its an epic tale of friendship.

Love Renewed finally brought us Dane and his Nova. Dane is a hard man, works hard, lives hard. Does bad things. Thats his way, but now he has a family and the love of his life has suddenly walked through the door. My fave thing about Dane though, he didn't go all he man, anger over the situation he was in, he wanted his woman back and he made it known! THE FEELS!
"I'm not going to give her a choice, I'm only going to give her me"
Elizabeth "Libby" is English but has been living in America for a number of years. She's a job that just goes by, her best friend is a prize bitch and her boyfriend is a dick. She has no memories of her child/teen years thanks to an accident as a teenager, so when this big handsome man in front of her calls her Nova and looks at her like she's the centre of the world, she doesn't know what to make of it.
"I've had this dream a thousand times over the years, and now its happening my body and brain are still trying to catch up. He gently bites by lower lip bringing me back to reality and I groan without meaning to. Chuckling he kisses my lips again. Still looking in my eyes he whispers 'My life can start now'."
But make something of it they do, they get to know each other all over again, they build a super sweet, super sexy and kinda funny relationship thats a combination of new and old. Eventually Novas memories do return in spectacular style and things get rough for these two. And then things get worse, and then worse again! In order to save himself and Nova from the trouble they're in, he has to show her his true self, his darkness and its a struggle for Nova. Can her already fragile mind take it?

I adored this story, there was love and sexy and happiness, but it was the drama and the humour that really made it excel.

Sidebar, when reading the epilogue, do not throw you reading device away and have a hissy fit refusing to read on after the first sentence. Like I did...... Read on, it'll be worth it :)

Star Ratings:

Plot = 5/5
Characters = 5/5
Heat = 4/5
Writing Style = 5/5
Overall Rating = 5/5


**A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review**

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