Thursday, November 5, 2015

Top 10 Lists - New Adult

This weeks Top 10 list is New Adult! NA is a big genre and when we were discussing what should be included it became apparent we all had lots. We decided that this week we would do our list a differently, each of us will pick our own top 10 :)

Shaz's Top 10

Beautiful Disaster - Jamie Mcguire - Goodreads
Travis & Pidge (Abby) College couple, battling inner demons, just damn good together. If you haven't read this book, you need to. It's a staple in a romance book lovers diet.

Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard - Goodreads
Oh Professor Emerson, he absolutely seduced me. This is a beautiful story that captures a love that's both free and forbidden between Gabriel and his comely student Julia. 

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma - Goodreads
This book is taboo, and not for all. Only to be read if you can keep an open mind. Devastating and amazing, this book broke me.

Sweet Fall - Tillie Cole Goodreads
A struggling Carrillo brother and a girl who is breaking on the inside, this story of love and life is beautiful and emotional and somehow manages to be both fractured and elegant.

Archer's Voice - Mia Sheridan Goodreads
Big fat ugly cry and an amazing ending, this book just does so much to a reader. So many feels.

Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren Goodreads
One night in vegas, a wedding and moving around the world? What? So good! A great story about the after effects of one wild night.

At Any Price - Brenna Aubrey Goodreads
A girl needs money so what does she do, she sells her virginity of course! It's not quite as simple of course this book has all the drama as well as being hella hot. I'll have an Adam Drake please.

Until Lilly - Aurora Rose Reynolds Goodreads
Cash and Lilly are such an amazing couple, they deserve the happy Mayson BOOM, but they've had a difficult start. These two (and their kids) are adorable!!

Keeping King - Anne Jolin Goodreads
Peyton & Jayden both have their own secrets, they are both solitary people by choice and they're both awesome individual, but together, they're EPIC.

Souls Unfractured - Tillie Cole Goodreads
Flame and Maddie, the single most effed up couple I've read in a long time, but they're so damned good together. I rooted for these two as a couple and as people from page one.



Louise's Top 10

The Same Deep Water - Lisa Swallow - Goodreads

Sweet yet sad love story. Lot's of secrets, and hidden pain. Profound and moving. 

The Edge of Never - JA Redmerski - Goodreads

Another sad but incredibly moving story of a girl finding herself and what she wants in life. With the added bonus of a gorgeous travel buddy. Huge tear jerker but amazing conclusion. 

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover - Goodreads

A story that will stay with you forever. Painful secrets and pasts. New love and hugely shocking reveals. Another cry your eyes out awesome CoHo treat!

Black Box - Cassia Leo - Goodreads

Ultra sad, yet beautiful story. All about fate and the way it can work it's magic on people who are meant to be together. Although the journey there can be devastating. Massive tears, yet feel fantastic ending!

Becoming Calder / Finding Eden - Mia Sheridan - Goodreads

This 2 book story was incredible. Typical Mia Sheridan epic story. Kids brought up in a world away from modern life. Never knowing any different. Never realising how badly they were treated. Truly beautiful people with hearts of gold. Lots of shockers, and gasping. Tears, and sadness. But incredible.

Kyland - Mia Sheridan - Goodreads

Another Mia Sheridan favourite. A gorgeous heartwarming story of Kyland and Tenleigh, who are living each day waiting to finish high school, so they can get out of the hole they live, and start fresh at college, living on the wrong side of the tracks, trying to survive life when their lives are literally lacking even basic necessities. Sad, and emotional. Plenty of tears before the fantastic ending. 

Confess - Colleen Hoover - Goodreads

Lots of secrets and twists, CoHo style. Gorgeous art and confessions make this a unique and gripping story. 

At any Price - Brenna Aubrey - Goodreads

A unique and different twist on romance. Billionaire game mogul pays gorgeous game blogger slash med student, for her virginity. Sounds odd, really isn't. It's sexy, exciting, gripping, and intense. Loved every minute of it. 

Making Faces - Amy Harmon - Goodreads

A truly emotional tale of loss, and change. Seeing beauty beneath the surface, and finding a soulmate through friendship. Beautiful and heart wrenching. 

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller - L.B. Simmons - Goodreads

A girl enters college with her mask on. Beneath the mask is a girl who has endured pain and hurt in many forms. That hurt hasn't finished coming yet. Her mask helps her through everything. Until she meets some friends who want to know her without the mask. 



Jennifer's Top 10 

The Same Deep Water - Lisa Swallow - Goodreads

Phe has hit the bottom and is ready to end it all when she meets Guy. Guy is a unique man who is hiding secrets of his own. Will Phe be able to keep her strength when the truth comes out?

Some Like It Wild- M. Leighton - Goodreads
-Laney is a preacher’s daughter set on a course headed straight for a life that closely models her parents. Jake is a heartbreaker who is constantly on the move. When these two meet, there is plenty of sparks and action.

Wild Reckless- Ginger Scott - Goodreads
-Kensington had a perfect life all planned out until her family life begins to unravel. With no one else to turn to, she turns to Owen, the town’s bad boy. Will they be able to save each other, or will they just let the recklessness take over and destroy them both?

Boys of Summer-C.J. Duggan - Goodreads
-Take a group of well-known men called the ‘Onslow Boys’ add in a young woman working at their favorite hangout and you get one hell of a summer.

Last to Know- Micalea Smeltzer - Goodreads
-A wonderful story about a young couple falling in love for the first time. The only problem is one of them isn't being completely truthful.

The Deal-Elle Kennedy - Goodreads
-A novel about finding love in an unexpected place. Sometimes love is right under your nose.

Just a Little Crush-Renita Pizzitola - Goodreads
-Brinley is a good girl who focuses all of her time on her studies. When a bad boy from her past shows up and pursues her, will she keep her good girl image, or give in to temptation?

The Vincent Brothers-Abbi Glines - Goodreads
-Carefree flings, hot romance, seduction, and heartbreak are on the agenda in this story about two people doing what they can to get what they want.

3:AM Kisses- Addison Moore - Goodreads
-Baya is a freshman at college who is excited to show her brother that she is grown and does not need to be treated as a kid. There’s only one problem: she is undeniably attracted to her brother’s roommate.

Fallen Crest High-Tijan - Goodreads
-Samantha had just gained a whole new family, including two very popular and arrogant step brothers. A story of secrets and seduction.



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