Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top 10 List - Cartel/Mafia/Mob

Cartel - Lili St Germain - Goodreads
Dark and gritty story, telling the story of Dornan Ross before Seven Sons. Totally gripping, and a different side to Dornan. 

Dirty Angels - Karina Halle - Goodreads
Very dark look at one of Mexico's notorious Cartel leaders. Twisted tale of abduction, attraction, and revenge. Some really gritty scenes. Totally addictive. 

Little Doll - Melissa Jane - Goodreads
A girl goes hunting for her missing brother and ends up abducted. She ends up a prisoner in a sprawling Cartel leaders mansion. Tale of trafficking, evil blood, and unlikely chemistry. Full on dark action.

Hell's Kitchen - Hart Saint Germain - Goodreads
The sons of a mafia boss, two kidnapped women an out of the business hitman and a couple on the run. An ensemble cast from two women who really know how to write a mafia romance.

Raze - Tillie Cole - Goodreads
Russian notorious crime family runs an underground fighting ring. Only to find their latest big fighter is closer to them than they realised. Very hot action, emotional story, and lots of blood and darkness. 

Dark, dangerous and at times deeply disturbing. One man will go to extraordinary lengths to seek revenge on the mobster who ruined his life from childhood on.

Carter Reed - Tijan - Goodreads
When Emma gets mixed up with the wrong people, she turns to the only person she can trust, Carter Reed

Killing Sarai - JA Redmerski - Goodreads
Girl prisoner since she was a child, finally breaks free, with the help of a professional killer. She now wants revenge on the ruthless crime family who held her prisoner, tormented and abused her for years. Years of abuse has left her with different outlook on life. 

Savage Fire - Kathleen Kelly - Goodreads
An Italian crime family member, meets and MC club and of course chaos ensues. A sexy look into two opposite end of the spectrum group and the drama they cause.

Heart of Stone; Incineration - DH Sidebottom - Goodreads
When a London crime family take in lifelong victim Ava Stone, everyone gets more than they bargained for and the trouble Ava thought she already knew, is only the beginning.


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