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REVIEW - Lukas (Ashes & Embers #3) - Carian Cole

TITLE - Lukas (Ashes & Embers #3)

AUTHOR - Carian Cole


Storm’s younger cousin.
Vandal’s little brother.
You’ve met him in the background.
The sweet one. 
The nice one. 
The one they can all rely on.
The good one.
He’s a tattoo artist. He plays metal and classical music - on the violin.
He’s got a body built for sin.
He’s 24.
In comes Ivy. She’s a 36 year old single mom who hasn’t dated in 18 years. 
All she wanted was a tattoo.
She got a helluva lot more :) 
Being good has never been so bad.

My Review:

Lukas is one hot book. This is the third book in the series, but it has become my favorite book in the series. The main character, Lukas, is my new favorite book boyfriend. He is incredibly hot and encompasses everything a bad boy should be, while also being incredibly sweet. He is honestly everything that I would want in a significant other.

I have to say that I am falling in love with Carian Cole books. She's an amazing author that makes each book unique. Often times when you find books in a series they are very similar and it can sometimes seem like you're reading the same book over and over with just different characters. Carian does a wonderful job of intertwining the stories, yet making sure that they are each their own story with their own unique detail. I cannot believe how different these books are but I love every single one of them. I cannot wait to read the future books.

These two main characters are developed wonderfully. Ivy is going through such a rough time and she's really just trying to figure out where to go in life. I loved her storyline. There are often times that comes in a person's life when they have to sit back and evaluate situations and make decisions that they definitely do not want to make. Ivy had to go through this in the book and while it was heartbreaking and I want to cry for her, at the same time I was proud of her for actually taking time to evaluate the situation. Sometimes we as people jump to wrong conclusions or make decisions without having all the facts. I love that she trusted her gut.

Lukas was also developed. I feel like he was so lost and that he was looking for somewhere to belong. I think he was impulsive at times and I think that him and Ivy together helped each other grow into more mature people. There are definitely some very hard parts in the book, and I was very happy to be able to read his point of view. As these stories intertwine we are able to see the other characters as well and I love this part of the book.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. There are plenty of hot scenes it, a lot of drama, and definitely tears. I felt so many emotions while reading this book. I would one hundred percent recommend this to friends and family.  If you haven't been reading her books he's been missing out!

Star Ratings:
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Favorite Quotes:

“I will, and think about getting on top of someone else, too. A good sexy fling could really cheer you up.”
“Go.” I point to the door, laughing at her. 
Lindsay and Ivy, Lukas

He looks at me sideways and winks. “I don’t make mistakes. And if I did? I’d do it so well you wouldn’t even realize it happened.”
“I see,” I say, admiring his confidence. “Some things in life, you just can’t do over. They’re meant to be permanent, whether they’re what we expected or not. Doesn’t mean they’re a mistake.” 
Ivy and Lukas, Lukas

He scoffs and re-positions my leg. “Shit, that’s not old either, and you look great. I see some young girls in here that look awful from doing drugs, abusing their bodies, baking in the sun. Hell, most of them have fake body parts. I don’t know what I’m touching half the time, and what might break off or pop.”He smiles up at me. “You have a really sweet natural beauty.” 
Lukas, Lukas


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