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Release Blitz & Review - Taking Chances - Laura Farr

Title – Taking Chances
Author – Laura Farr
Release Date – 31st March 2017

When Libby Davis loses her best friend in a tragic accident, she can’t find a way through the grief and guilt that consumes her. Desperate to escape the memories that are stopping her from moving on, she visits her Aunt and Uncle on their ranch in Texas.

There she meets Mason Walker, a sexy ranch hand with a mysterious past, and a reputation he wants to leave behind. Despite her reluctance, sparks fly between the two of them, igniting feeling that neither have ever known before.

When someone from Mason’s past starts to cause trouble, will Libby be willing to take a chance on love, or will her already damaged heart not allow her to? 

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Taking Chances is about a 19 year old girl named Libby whose world turned upside down when her best friend, Mia got killed in a car accident. 
 Mia's boyfriend Mitch, lied to Libby about only having 1 beer and he was driving them home. Well Libby is the only one that made it out alive. 
 Now she is having nightmares about the accident and her parents encourage her to visit her Aunt Claire and Uncle Ryan in Texas. That's when she meets a handsome cowboy named Mason. 

Libby of course blames herself for what happened and now is afraid to take any chances. She already lost her best friend she doesn't want to loose someone else. 
Mason had a troubled past and was afraid it would stear Libby away. He was a true southern gentleman towards Libby. 

Both Libby and Mason have a thing for each other but not sure if they want to see what that thing is as Libby is only there for a little while. They both open up to each other. Then something happens and Libby can't take any chances and heads back home. Will she take the chance and fall in love with Mason? You'll have to read to find out! 

Laura Farr is a new to me author. I was really into this book, and before I knew it, there were no pages left to turn. I felt like the characters in this story can be real and people could relate to them. I did get emotional while reading this story. 

Fave Quotes:

"She thought that I should live in reality and not between the pages of some book."

"Ahh, no wonder you were so captivated,you were reading your naughty book."

"I know you want to be just friends, but I'm struggling with that sweetheart......" 

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters -5/5
Heat - 3.5/5
Writing Style- 4/5
Overall rating- 4/5

Author Bio

Laura Farr lives in Wolverhampton in the UK, with her husband and two children. When she isn’t working, reading or being a Mummy, she is pursuing her dream of writing.

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