Monday, March 6, 2017

REVIEW - So Screwed - Melissa Marino

TITLE - So Screwed
AUTHOR - Melissa Marino


He's charming, wicked, and handsome . . . and she needs to stay away
For Evelyn Owen, work comes first. Being a wedding planner to the city's elite fills her nights and weekends, and she doesn't have time for distractions. Especially in the form of a sexy bartender with killer dimples . . . 

Abel Matthews knows how to serve the ladies. But lately, the only woman he wants is just out of reach. That's because Evelyn has already been warned about his playboy ways. Still, there's something about her that makes Abel want more than a quick fling.

Evelyn knows that she shouldn't trust Abel. Yet she's seen a side of him no one else knows, and she can't turn away. But Abel is hiding something from her . . . and if he doesn't confess soon, it will tear them apart. 


“Sometimes life goes smooth, then sometimes you find yourself so screwed, 5 stars”

If you've read So Twisted then you know the two main characters in So Screwed. I loved Abel and I loved Evelyn going into So Screwed so I was thrilled to finally get their story. 
So Screwed has the perfect balance between light and serious. With that said, I will warn you this story does involve a gambling issue, so if you can’t handle that then this is not the story for you.

Abel is funny, light heart, and a lover of women. But for quite some time now his mind has been on one woman. One who remains just out of reach. What happens when the woman you want walks into the bar you work at? You say screw it and go for it. Will Evelyn be all that Abel has made her out to be?

Evelyn is firmly dedicated to her career. She doesn’t have time for relationship, so she has one night stands to satisfy her needs. Her best friend has always made Abel out to be a player, so when she finds out there is more to him then she knew Evelyn gets curious. Who would have known there was a serious side to the family joke.

When Abel and Evelyn find themselves together they do what any two players do, they jump in bed. But what happens when the relationship leaves the bedroom, will they make it? When Abel finds himself in serious trouble does he confide in Evelyn or leave the only woman he’s ever loved hurt and confused? You’ll have to read So Screwed to find out what happens.

Here are a couple quotes I liked;

“I pushed her up against the door before my hands reached up and gripped her face firmly. “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.”

“So many thought it was about flowers and expensive jewelry to get us excited, but it was always the subtle things.”

“I didn’t even make a wish when I blew out the candle because you are everything. You are everything I would’ve wished for.”

“Because you made me want to write every single word.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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