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REVIEW - When Two Hearts Collide - Candace Knoebel & Sonya Loveday

TITLE - When Two Hearts Collide
AUTHOR - Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel

Pre-Order (Releases 23rd March)


Charlie Williams’ view on relationships is simple—one night, no strings, move on. 

But when the opportunity to see a girl from his past comes up, Charlie finds himself breaking all his own rules. Ever since the night he'd turned her away, Charlie hasn't been able to get Charlotte off his mind. A break from his pub for a vacation across the pond should be enough to cure him of his curiosity and get her out of his system. At least, he hopes… 

Charlotte Mackay channels love through coffee. 

Running her fandom-themed store and specialty coffee bar keeps her nerdy heart busy after one too many relationship disappointments. 
Until the man she can’t manage to forget calls. 

Charlie’s coming to The Hamptons for a two-week vacation. She’s going to be his host—nothing more. She'd fallen under the spell of his bedroom eyes and roguish charm once before, and it nearly wrecked her. Charlotte can’t risk the same mistake twice. 

But love knows no boundaries when two hearts collide.


“Distance makes the heart grow fonder, 4 stars”

Charlie and Charlotte met through mutual friends years ago. On Charlotte’s last night in London she found herself in a vulnerable place with Charlie. Charlie had never been attracted to a woman as much as he had been to Charlotte causing him to walk away.

Years later Charlie is worn down, he needs a break. When a friend gives him a chance to go to hang out in the States with the only woman he’s ever looked back on, he takes it. He figured spending time with Charlotte will be the only way to battle his desire for her away. Or will he get the surprise of his life?

Charlie said he would call years ago before she left London, but he never did. Charlotte has never seen the hard side of love and believes if you love someone the rest will be a cake walk. Will she be in for a rude awakening when her prince charming comes knocking?

Charlie and Charlotte are opposites, they are in different areas in their lives, but most of all there is an ocean between their homes. Take a chance on When Two Hearts Collide to see what happens when love finds you unexpectedly.

I continue to read Loveday and Koebel’s stories waiting for the day I can tell when one ends and the other starts, but like always the story is flawless. If one didn’t know better they would think it is one author throughout the story.

Here are a couple quotes I loved from When Two Hearts Collide;

“I wasn't one to put much stock into fate. Nor was I one for reading into signs. All of it was pure and complete hooey to me. There was no impactful moment when a person looked into someone’s eyes and, BAM, that was it.”

“It was like seeing a visual of my life. Me, the rock, steady in one place, never changing no matter how many waves pushed themselves over me. I’d stay in my place and watch them wash back out, sending a new one in. Over time, and experience, the surface would wear, become polished in some places, but again, it would be unmovable. However, like every stone that constantly gets tossed about, or slammed against, there would be that one wave, filled with enough sand to wear it down. Either make it crumble or into something better than it was.”

“I saw you just like this. Spread for me. Waiting for me to come to you. And I will come to you like a sailor home from the sea. You are home to me.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 4/5
Characters- 4/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 4/5

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