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Release + Review - Magan Vernon - HeartBreaker


I’ve broken my fair share of hearts.
They don’t call me a former teen heartthrob for nothing.

Now, I’m a single dad and things are finally looking up for me in life and love for that matter.

But then the ghost of Hollywood past showed up at my doorstep. Now I have to decide if it’s time to go back to my old life, for her, or if I keep it all in the past...for her.


HeartBreaker is told from the Male POV




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Playlist for HeartThrob and HeartBreaker
(Don’t judge. You know you love some 90s Teen HeartThrobs)

·         I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys
·         Wonderwall by Oasis
·         Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
·         Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
·         MMMBop by Hanson
·         Give It To You by Jordan Knight
·         It’s Gonna Be May by NSync
·         All or Nothing by O-Town
·         Every Other Time by LFO
·         The Hardest Thing by 98 Degrees
·         What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
·         On The Way Down by Ryan Cabrera
·         Crazy For This Girl by Evan and Jaron
·         One Time by Justin Bieber
·         What A Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera
·         IDOL by BTS
·         Back Here by BB Mak
·         Stitches by Shawn Mendes
·         Sucker by Jonas Brothers
·         Boys In The Band by New Kids on The Block



The world of acting never prepared me for life as a single dad.
“Juniper, are your shoes and pants on?” I yelled up the stairs, scraping the last of the sugary cereal she took two bites out of into the trash.
“Dad, I’m pooping! I can’t wear pants while I poop.” Her voice echoed through the high ceilings of the house.
I thought boys were the only ones who farted all the time and had poop jokes. Not Juniper. The girl decided her regular time to go was right before we had to leave for school and anytime, we were out at a restaurant. Usually, she announced it by making a thunderous farting noise and saying she had to go really bad.
After pushing the last of her breakfast into the trash, I wiped my hands on a dish towel before darting up the stairs and heading into Juniper’s bedroom.
When Ally left, I decided to give Juniper a clean slate and let her redo her room. Little did I know that would mean taking away the celestial sky theme Ally picked out, painting over a starry night ceiling and getting rid of the princess bed. All to be replaced with a pirate bunk bed and a mural from one of the Lego movies.
In between all of the scattered toys lay her school pants. Right next to her light-up tennis shoes she just had to have because, apparently, they made her run faster.
“Dad, I told you I was pooping! You didn’t need to come snooping for my pants.”
I turned around to see Juniper standing in her school polo and Wonder Woman underoos, hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.
“Just wanted to make sure you were ready; we have to leave soon.”
“You can’t rush a woman, Daddy,” she said with a huff, grabbing her pants on the floor before sliding them on.
“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow, wondering where she’d heard that remark.
“That’s what Mommy always says to Chad when they close the door. I’m not supposed to listen or interrupt them since Mommy gives me her phone to play games, but I heard her yell that.”
My interest was piqued as I stepped forward, wondering exactly the two were arguing about. “Were they fighting?”
She nodded as she slid her shoes on. “I think so. There was a lot of grunting, and then I kept hearing some banging on the walls then Chad yelling that he was coming. But I don’t know where he was going.”
She wrinkled her nose in question, but all of the heat drained from my body as I gulped.
So, not arguing.

“You know, probably just a grown-up discussion they were having,” I said quickly helping her up and trying not to look her in the eye. Taking a mental note that next time Rachel came over to make sure Juniper wasn’t anywhere she could hear us.


As soon as I opened the front door, Juniper and the dog ran to each other like they were lifelong friends who hadn’t seen the other in years.
“Princess Cupcake, you’re here!” Juniper cooed, taking the little eight-pound spiky brown-haired dog in her arms. She petted her behind her perky little ears, the dog closing her eyes and panting in response.
“Princess Cupcake?” Roo asked.
I shrugged, looking up to see her and her sister both standing in the doorway.
I was afraid after our talk this afternoon that Rachel wouldn’t come. But seeing her there had me smiling even wider.
“I guess Juniper and I may have to discuss a name change,” I said, stepping aside and letting everyone into the foyer.
“Come on, Princess Cupcake, come see my room.” Juniper and Ariana charged up the stairs.
“Hey, be careful. A dog is a live animal, not a toy,” I yelled on deaf ears since the girls had already ascended the stairs and rounded the corner in a flurry of giggles.
“I’d better check to make sure Squeaky, err, Princess Cupcake is okay,” Roo said before bounding up the stairs after the girls.
I waited a full five seconds before I wrapped my arms around Rachel, crushing my lips to hers.
She stilled as her first reaction then slowly her body melted against mine. Her mouth parting as our tongues met.
Her kisses were sweet like her vanilla lip gloss and strawberry bubblegum. I wanted to stay in that moment with her. To get lost in those lips.
But reality slapped me back when she put her hands on my chest, gently pushing against me until she broke our kiss.
“As much as I enjoy that, I have a feeling there’s something else going on in that pretty blond head of yours. Like maybe you’re still thinking about L.A.?” She raised her eyebrows.
I swallowed hard. “Maybe.”
She blinked. “So, is getting the dog a deciding factor and we’re just here for moral support?” Her words trailed as she caught her swollen lip between her teeth.
Letting out a deep breath, I leaned back, dropping my hands from her waist. “I don’t know, Rach. I’ll be honest. I’m still twisted about the whole thing. I guess I figured the dog would help make this decision.”
“Seriously? After everything earlier today and you still don’t know what you want.” She shook her head, muttering under her breath.
I winced as if her words verbally slapped me. “I know. It’s hard to say no to Trish. It’s a great opportunity in L.A. for Juni and me.”


#1 HeartThrob


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Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch. Find her online at



Louise's Review 

HeartBreaker is the finale of the Heart duet and it bought a lot of answers; Heartthrob was told from Rachel’s POV and Heartbreaker from Lennox’s.

Secrets that have been buried for 16 years come to light all because 1 picture that went viral exposing Lennox, Rachel is taken back and finds herself lost as to how to handle the situation; continue to grow this relationship or take a step back and dust her hands off.

Lennox was a HUGE teen heartthrob but what lies underneath the surface of the success is the dark and dirty life that is controlled by money, sex and drugs. Actions have consequences and Lennox is starting to figure that out; being pulled back into that life he has to make a choice one that will risk losing a piece of himself that he only just got back.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vernon’s writing through this book, and enjoyed the change of POV from Rachel to Lennox’s. Finding the answers and adding more questions to the mix, Vernon took me on a rollercoaster waiting to see how this story ends leaving me on the edge of my seat the entire story.

I cannot wait to read more from Vernon in the future.

Star Ratings; Plot: 5/5  Characters: 5/5  Heat: 5/5  Writing Style: 5/5  Overall: 5/5

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