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Release + Review - The Broken One - Ruth Cardello

Corisi’s Billionaires Book 1
By Ruth Cardello
Release Day: October 1

In New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello’s sexy and emotional romance, a billionaire dares to invest in the riskiest proposition of his life: a second chance at love.
Single mom Heather Ellis would do anything for her adopted daughter, Ava. Even post an online reward for anyone who found the girl’s lost stuffed animal. Who’d have guessed it’d be returned by a drop-dead-sexy man with such sadness in his eyes that she had to reach out to him? To Ava, he’s a hero. To Heather, he’s a fantasy that puts at risk the happy life she’s made for herself.
It’s been five years since billionaire developer Sebastian Romano lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident. Now he’s all business. No room for emotion. Until he stumbles across that damn stuffed wolf and the beautiful single mother looking for it. Is he ready to give love a second chance?
But there’s more to Sebastian, his family, and his past than Heather knows. More than even Sebastian knows. Will the life they’re building together be challenged when the truth is finally revealed?
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Johnaka's Review 
“The broken man and the single mom, 4 stars”

Heather is a single mom trying to do the best she can for her little girl who has already lost so much. When her daughter loses her precious stuffed wolf, she does what any mom would do, makes a post on the internet asking for help finding lost wolfie. What she didn’t expect was for Sebastian to knock on her door. But when he does, she can’t help but want him, the only problem though is she has no time for a guy who doesn’t have it together. Will he be able to pull himself together in time or will he lose out on a chance at happiness with Heather and her daughter?

Sebastian once had it all only to have it all taken away. He threw himself into his job and never came up. When he stumbles upon a stuffed wolf, he wants nothing to do with it. But he had encouragement from his mother and like any good Italian boy he listens to her. What he didn’t expect was to want Heather and her daughter. The question is will be get it together before they walk away?

I liked The Broken One. I was pulled in from the start. Heather and Sebastian balanced each other well and I wanted them to have a happily ever after. I want to know more about Sebastian’s family and who they will love. The only thing I didn’t like is I wanted to know more about Judy which is probably going to be in the background throughout the rest of the story until the truth comes out. I just wanted more clues leading into it to give me some sort of idea to run on, that’s just me though.

I think if you take a chance on The Broken One you will enjoy it.

Plot-4/5 Characters-4/5 Heat-4/5 Writing style-4/5 Overall-4/5

About The Author:
Ruth Cardello hit the New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers Lists for the first time back in 2012. Millions of sales are evidence that her books are akin to potato chips, addictive from the first one. She has created a multi-series billionaire world with a combination of escapism and realism that has gained her a faithful following of readers.
Ruth Cardello was born the youngest of 11 children in a small city in northern Rhode Island. She spent her young adult years moving as far away as she could from her large extended family. She lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, New York--then came full circle and moved back to New England. She now happily lives one town over from the one she was born in. For her, family trumped the warmer weather and international scene. 
She was an educator for 20 years, the last 11 as a kindergarten teacher. When her school district began cutting jobs, Ruth turned a serious eye toward her second love- writing and has never been happier. When she's not writing, you can find her chasing her children around her small farm or connecting with her readers online.

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