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REVIEW - Michael (Bachelors of the Ridge #4) - Karla Sorensen

TITLE - Michael (Bachelors of the Ridge #4)

AUTHOR - Karla Sorensen

Releases 26th July


Brooke Rossi knows how stay in control. 

After all, finding herself a single mother to twins after her ‘allergic to responsibility’ ex-boyfriend left town has kinda set the bar for whatever might come her way. Except the day-to-day realities of single motherhood has her juggling in a way that she couldn’t anticipate, which is why she's one sleepless night away from a padded cell. 

Her unexpected help comes in the form of Michael Whitfield, unrepentant flirt and alleged manwhore. Michael isn’t allergic to responsibility, but he does have a healthy aversion to commitment, until his relationship with Brooke. Their friendship is easy, until it’s not. They learn to walk a tight rope of restraint, choosing not to act on their attraction out of respect for the friendship they’ve built. 

One scorching, clothes-free visit past the boundaries they put in place, and Brooke finds herself facing the most uncontrollable situation of all: risking her heart to a man who’s never had to take care of one before.


“Assumed playboy meets his match, 5 stars”


You know that saying about assuming things? That is totally relevant when it comes to Michael. Everyone assumes he’s a playboy because he flirts with women constantly. But everyone couldn’t be further from the truth, just because he flirts doesn’t mean he hooks up. Michael takes his job as the light hearted friend seriously, he doesn’t care to correct people’s assumptions of him because what’s the point? Until he finally gets to know Brooke, then everything changes. He wants to be the kind of man not only she, but her kids deserve.

Brooke is a single mom raising twins on her own. If you’ve read Cole, you know her as Julia’s sister as well. She is the definition of a feisty Italian woman, I absolutely adored her and her attempt to take on the world on her own. When Michael randomly steps in to help with the kids one day neither of them had a clue it would lead to more. To Michael helping with a project then leading from one area of her life to another.

Brooke and Michael fall into an easy love to begin with, but their lack of communication gets the best of them. When Brooke’s ex tries to step in its hard on Michael, because once upon a time he was Brooke’s kids. He was raised by a single mother with an absentee father so it brings back a lot of memories. Can Brooke let down her guard and let Michael in? Will Michael step up to the plate and stay in the game?

When Karla told me, Michael was going to be with a single mom I thought okay, we shall see. But holy guacamole! I absolutely loved everything about Michael. You have these two independently strong characters who only become stronger together. You get to see a whole different side of Michael, everyone assumes he’s a player but really at the heart of it he’s a family man. 
I giggled so much to myself my husband started to get annoyed because he didn’t know what I was laughing at. 

I marked the crap out of this story, here are a couple pieces that I can’t help but share with you;

“Brooke was my ideal woman. The prototype. The kind you search for in vain.”

“Snarky and feisty, with a dry humor that made me laugh easily, Brooke didn’t remind me of any other woman I’d ever met. And I liked that about her.”

“I’m about to break that no shirt rule. And so are you. We’re going to break it so hard.”

“Sometimes it means you stand silently next to her until she needs you to step in and fight with her. Not fight in place of her, you’re fighting by her side.”

“Rule number seven. I am always going to be there for you, in any capacity that you’ll allow me. See also - Wine-bringer, hug-giver, kiss-recipient, willing sex slave and partner in life.”

Star Ratings:
Plot- 5/5
Heat- 5/5
Characters- 5/5
Writing style- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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