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★Wherever You Will Go (Try Again #1) - Stephanie Smith★ Release Blitz!!

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Title: Wherever You Will Go
Author: Stephanie Smith
Publication Date: August 7, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Brooke Willis had everything she ever wanted: a happy marriage, volunteer placement at the art gallery, and the promise of starting a family with the man of her dreams.

Saxon Reed had everything he ever thought he needed: a successful career, nice cars, expensive apartment, and more money than he knew what to do with.

After losing her husband Brooke insists on taking over his company to keep his dreams alive. Struggling in an industry she knows nothing about, Brooke turns to Saxon, her husband’s best friend and business partner, for guidance and support. Their mutual grief, and Saxon’s need to look after his best friend’s wife, creates a connection beyond just business.

Can Brooke take over the company and find a new life without saying goodbye to the past? Can Saxon protect and care for Brooke without scaring her away?

What happens when your heart doesn’t listen to your head? When lines are crossed and boundaries are pushed? 

“Life goes on, whether you choose to move forward and take a chance in the unknown or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could've been. I don’t want to live in the past anymore. I’m so lonely; there’s nothing for me here.”


As the elevator doors open, I hear the familiar hyena laugh. I can’t help but break out in a wide smile of my own.

Exiting the elevator, I see Brooke leaning back in an office chair that normally belongs in the staff room, her feet propped up on the front desk.

Harper and Brooke are laughing so hard they don’t hear the elevator open or me approaching the desk. “Working hard, ladies?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow at them.

Harper sits up and straightens her face, places her glasses back on, and shuffles some papers on her desk. Brooke, on the other hand, tries to sit up and ends up leaning back further and tilting the chair, her arms flying about trying to gain some balance while her feet are still propped up on the desk.

I move quickly to get behind the reception desk and push the back of her chair back up. Brooke goes flying forward and suddenly stills. Her breath hitches, and I know she just shit herself. She places her feet on the floor and straightens her skirt. “Fuck,” she breathes out. I raise an eyebrow at her, and she covers her mouth. “Sorry,” she says with a guilty look on her face.

“Shall we?” I say as I hold my hand towards the elevator, while using everything I have not to laugh.

She stands, straightening her outfit again, and makes her way to the elevator. I look back to Harper who looks away abruptly and pretends she’s typing something on her computer. I shake my head as I follow Brooke.

As soon as the doors shut, she starts, “Saxon, I am so sorry. I was just saying hello to everyone. I feel I can’t just start working without saying hello to the staff.” Raising my eyebrows at her, she begins to backtrack. “Fine,” she sighs. “I was really enjoying seeing everyone and having a laugh. I can’t remember the last time I laughed like that. It felt so good being with people and just talking nonsense.” She’s rambling on, and I can tell she’s sorry and elated all at once.

“Brooke, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. I am not your boss; you’re the owner, and this is yours. If you want to sit and chat with the staff all day, sit and chat with the staff all day.” I smile down at her and she looks up at me, face scrunched and eyes narrowed.

“Well, what was all that back there then?”

“I just wanted to fuck with you,” I say bluntly, no humour in my tone and a blank expression covering my face.

“Saxon! What the hell? You scared Harper, you know,” she says seriously. I laugh loudly as she scowls at me.

“Good. I am her boss, and she was totally out of line. We’re not paying her to lounge about with her friends.”

Brooke laughs. “Seriously, though, I’m sorry. I know you cleared your afternoon for me, and I do really want to see the place and get onto work.”

The elevator doors open. “Well come on then, Willis, you’ve got lots to learn.”

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About the Author:


I'm first & foremost a reader & fangirl, I will always be first & foremost a reader & fangirl. I am on street teams, I pimp and I brag. I LOVE my Authors!!
I have recently started writing as a way to relax and spend some time for me. My first novel Wherever You Will Go is due to release later this year. I'm having so much fun writing my first story and I'm looking forward to the journey it is taking me on.

My Review:

I was exceedingly lucky to read this quite early on, and then again yesterday, and it was just as good if not better the second time. 
Wherever you will go, had the most perfect mix of incredible writing with real characters and crazy emotions all thrown in to an awesome story. Yes, that sounded odd but I felt like I went through so many emotions when reading this book, that anything I say is going to be all indecipherable mumbles. :-/

Brooke and Nate are one of those perfect couples. Gorgeous and crazy in love, untouchable. Until the worst thing ever happens to them. Brooke is left alone to pick up the pieces and try to restart her life, alone.

Saxon is Nate's best friend and works for the business Nate created. He is very good at his job, successful, loaded and focused. He is also gorgeous and a ladies man, yet that may start to change. After losing his best friend, Saxon throws himself into work, yet can't stop hurting thinking about his best friends wife Brooke, and how she is coping.
So begins a friendship, where both of them grieve together and help each other to get past what happened. Brooke wants to step in to Nate's very successful business and try to keep it running. It's all she has left of him and she wants to try and keep it. Yet she needs the help of Saxon, he single handed lay runs the business now and Brooke is convinced he will want to move on. 
From here on, we see Brooke learning to live her life without Nate and move on after everything that has happened. She is good with the business, and it gives her something to focus on. Saxon is always there helping Brooke through the learning process, and it seems them having each other is helping them to deal with it all. Through this friendship, they become quite attached to each other. Saxon shows himself to be very loyal and supportive, yet we start to see another side come through. A more protective and alpha side. Which I have to say, is super sexy. :) 
Both Saxon and Brooke deal with the ups and downs of all that is happening with the business and work colleagues, plus the changing and developing feelings between them. All this while trying to move on, after the one man in both of their lives that meant everything is no longer around.
I loved how I went from trying to sniff discreetly through parts, to laughing and then getting hot and bothered through others. It was a crazy emotional whirlwind, but in the best possible sense. I loved all the characters, they always stood out as genuine and not fake. Brooke was gorgeous yet didn't brag about it and Saxon was almost predatory but didn't care what people thought of him. Even the other characters were a perfect mix of funny and genuine. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series when we get to follow Harper, the bubbly presence within the office and a friend to Brooke. 
I definitely recommend this book, it will have you bawling then laughing then burning up, to start the process all over again afterwards. 

**I was kindly given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**   


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