Monday, August 4, 2014

Review - Breakdown (Crash Into Me #1) - Amanda Lance

Gawd, I have been so lucky with amazing ARC's this week. Breakdown has just pushed the awesomeness even further up on the scale.
This book starts right in a dark place, from the opening lines I was already sat with my mouth open. A huge amount of emotional bubbling up for Charlotte 'Lottie'. Yet along comes the gorgeous and charismatic William 'Billy' and with him everything seems to brighten up. I won't give the full on details of the circumstances of their meeting each other, as I don't want to spoil the feel of it. It is emotional, sad, and quite difficult but Billy seems to make everything so much better. He has a huge personality and so sweet with his quick lines and ability to know exactly what is happening. He pretty much saves Lottie in so many ways, and also gives her a whole new obsession. Racing!
I've not read many books that centre around racing and cars, I've seen a fair few films but not books. I found it quite fascinating, of course I didn't understand a single word of the car jargon but I loved it nonetheless.
It would seem the whole racing scene and the crazy modified cars are going to be Lottie's new buzz in life. She fell in love with all the colours and noises and found the adrenaline rush from the race addictive. It had given her a new found sense of excitement in life when she had none before. Except her amazing baking skills, that left me crazy hungry at 3am in the morning.
So Breakdown is the story of how two people can save each other in more ways than one. Lottie and Billy have the most amazing connection. They are so sweet with each other, the sarcastic humour and slow burning chemistry is perfect. They both come from different places yet mould perfectly together. Their troubled pasts have caused both of them pain, yet they seem to help each other out of the pain.
I literally couldn't stop reading this book to the point of staying up till stupid o'clock to finish it. The writing was beautiful and the characters were captivating. Although it started in a really dark place, and the undertones of that darkness pop up now and then, it still ended on a note of perfect swoon worthiness. It's an addictive and heart wrenching read and I couldn't fault anything about it.
If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would!!

**I was kindly given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**        

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