Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review - Unplugged (Blue Phoenix #3) - Lisa Swallow

We're back in the world of Blue Phoenix, and this time it's Liam's story! 
Liam Oliver is the bassist with Blue Phienix, with his happy and chilled out attitude, the sweet guy with the mane of auburn hair isn't generally the face of trouble when it comes to Blue Phoenix's public image. He likes to keep out of the limelight and do what he does best, make music! 
Yet, in Unplugged that's all about to change. 

When we first met Blue Phoenix in Summer Sky, when it was frontman Dylan Morgan's story. We knew from the start that Liam was the only attached member of the band. He was engaged to Honey. They had their future all mapped out and planning a massive wedding that would make any top magazine biting the bit to get a spread on. To anyone on the outside, it would seem obvious whom Honey was. Gorgeous blonde, with fake uhh appendages and lots of extensions. Her mind was fully on the ball. She knew what she wanted and was on a mission to make sure it happened. She wanted to be the wife of 'the' Blue Phoenix Bassist. Liam was just happy to go along with whatever, he thought he was in love and remembered Honey hadn't always been that way. After a few pictures ended up in a tabloid, it changed everything for Liam. He realised that things weren't right and took off for home. 

Wales, where Blue Phoenix were born. Liam has gone home to Wales to stay with his family for the Christmas break and to see what he wants now. 
Upon arriving home, Liam realises he may have arrived at a bad time. His younger sister Louise has invited her best friend, Cerys and her daughter Ella to stay for a while after they were chucked out by her partner. Liam remembers Cerys from back when they were kids. She was a groupie of his when they were younger and first starting out in the band. Yet back then she was just his little sisters best friend. Now Cerys is all grown up and proving to be quite the distraction to Liam, when he is trying to take a break from everything. Put the gorgeous distraction with a cute and funny 5 year old makes for a very different holiday than Liam was expecting. Although, all this has put everything in to perspective for Liam. Making him realise what he does and doesn't want out of life. 


It's fantastic to see such a huge difference between 2 of the members of Blue Pheonix, after Dylan & Sky's tumultuous relationship and the fact that Dylan had quite a distinctive personality. Very feisty and moody. It's really exciting to see such a big difference from that kind of personality to how Liam is. He is far more lighthearted and easy breezy. He doesn't have the intensity that Dylan has. Yet these Blue Phoenix boys tend to have one particular characteristic alike. They are both incredibly passionate and know what they want, and will go to any extremes necessary to get it. There is no mincing of words when they set their minds on what they desire. These poor girls don't stand a chance. ;) Liam has shown that the chilled out and happy go lucky boys are certainly the ones to watch. It would seem that Liam saves his assertive nature for when it counts. We get to see an intriguing and interesting side of him that was quite addictive. Quite the sexy and predatory qualities that seem to work incredibly well on Liam. 

"Sweet?" I hold her by the shoulders and stare into her face. "This idea I'm sweet, I don't know who told you, but you're wrong." 
Cerys's breath rushes out in surprise. "So you keep saying..."
"Let's just say I know when to hold a girl's hand, but I also know when to pull her hair." I wind my fingers through her hair and tug her head back, dropping kisses along her collarbone, enjoying the gasp. "I'm more than ready to show you how wrong you are."

After Liam has to return for a band meeting, he finds upon his return to Wales, Cerys has gone. Just when he was starting to realise what he wanted, is it too late? Liam, finds himself lost. Cerys has gone back to her ex so Liam goes back to what he knows. Life with Honey. But it's not long before thoughts of Cerys consume him and he wonders if this is the life he really wants any more. 
Liam has to make some big decisions and potentially hurt some people badly. From there we see Liam moving on with certain aspects of his life but not others. With some heartfelt scenes that had me welling up over a character, I would never imagine myself feeling sad for. 


Time moves on and Liam is trying to reconnect with Cerys. He knows what he wants and is hoping she feels the same. There is again some really sweet scenes where Liam proves how perfect he is. He is fantastic with Ella and wants to show Cerys how great they would be as a family. His dedication made me sigh repeatedly. Whenever I wanted to say "Awww how sweet is he?" He would then go crazy cave man and I couldn't quite manage to call him 'sweet', he was far too sexy for that word. Liam is far from my usual type of book boyfriend, yet he is so full of surprises, he exceeds the norm. 

In true Blue Phoenix, crazy-chaotic-world style, things go a little mad for Liam and Cerys. Cerys's nasty ex decides to do a huge number on her and throws everybodies world upside down. The pace kicks up a notch, the suspense is biting, and my breath is held. Lisa Swallow, certainly knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats, and I absolutely love these moments. You never know when they are coming, or how they will play out, but each time my nails are bitten lower and everyday tasks are forgotten while glued to the screen. Add the edgy suspense to the panty twisting moments with lascivious Liam and mix it up with the tender and sweet love story stuff and you get another Blue Pheonix boy living out his crazy life!! I swear these Blue Pheonix books are just getting better and better! 

The different aspect to Liam's story was that his story concluded in one book. So there is no cliffhanger, no HFN endings. It's all contained in one story and the ending is perfect! It's sigh-worthy, gasp-worthy, even drool-worthy if you feel the need, but it is definitely a fantastic conclusion to Liam and Cerys's wild journey. Liam has been awesome, I'm now ready for Jem, bring him on! :) 

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