Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review - Black Lies - Alessandra Torre

O.M.G! Unbelievable.
I couldn't stop reading this. Seriously couldn't stop. Crossing my legs;  ignoring the need to pee, couldn't stop. 
Right from the first page, I knew this book would be different. Unlike any book I had read in a long time. In fact nothing like any books I had read at all. It was compelling and unique and there is no way anybody could guess what is happening. 
I'm not going to summarise this book, like I usually do. Even to give a summary of the characters and background would spoil so much. What has made this book so incredibly captivating and shocking is the fact that I knew nothing about it. I had only read the blurb and that was catchy, but didn't didn't give anything else away. You need to go in to this book with no clue who anybody is. Let it unravel and tell it's story with no clue where it's going. 
When I started reading this, I thought I knew where it was heading. Assumed I knew the type of story and could see the signs of a pattern. Even though the writing style was unique and addictive, I thought I could see a story pattern. Oh how wrong I was. Nobody could have seen where this was going. 
For as long as I can remember, I have loved a book with secrets and twists. I love the big reveal and the shock factor. It's one of my favourite parts of reading. When the secrets are so entwined in the story, you never realise just how connected everything is. One secret setting off a whole sequence of events. Black Lies is the epitome of captivating stories with secrets, twists and lies within it's pages. At one point, I was sat with my mouth open, trying to run my head over what had just happened, thinking back and putting it all in to perspective, with my new found knowledge, after this big reveal. One of those moments when the words, "What?, Wow, How?, Uhh, & No way!" were the extent of my vocabulary.
This story is going to stick in my mind for a long time. I keep replaying certain scenes in my mind and trying to see it differently after all information was revealed. I just keep thinking what a really clever idea. The research and background that had to have been done, making this story flawless and perfect, is just amazing. I'm in total awe of Alessandra Torre after this book. She is quite simply; an incredible writer. A queen of shocks. I don't have enough stars to give what this book deserves. It's going to ruin me for erotic romance for a while. *sigh* 

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