Monday, August 4, 2014

Review - Her Instruction (Her #3) - Felicity Pickles

Bethan returns home one evening to find a mysterious box waiting on her doorstep. Inside it she finds a series of instructions that have been left by her friends James and Claire. If she is ever to see her friends again, she must submit to the wishes of the box. 
So begins the third chapter in this enticing novella series. So far each part has shown how Bethan has become more aware of her sexuality and desires. Her chance meeting with an upper class couple, James and Claire has broadened her imagination. In the second book, they invited her to stay with them in their gorgeous home, once there Bethan is introduced to many new experiences. She also is given the opportunity to meet some new people, who help her to decide if she would like to see and participate in more. Not just sexual encounters but more specific tastes.
After returning home after her time with James and Claire, Bethan is left with her sexuality more awakened than ever. We find that upon her leaving James and Claire's home. James had left Bethan with a chain with a tiny key on, around her neck. She isn't sure what it's for but soon finds out. 
One day after returning to her new home, she finds a large box, very intricately detailed. By chance she tries her key from her neck and the box is opened. Inside is a stack of letters and a couple of closed compartments. On top of that is a collar. James and Claire want to see Bethan again, but want her to take a series of tests to become what they hope she is suited to be. Submissive. 
Bethan makes her way through the envelopes and instructions given to her, following the tasks she is set. Some are extremely humiliating and embarrassing yet testing her and whether she would be suited to fit in with their lifestyle. 
I won't say anymore on those tasks or the contents of the box, as it will spoil he overall feel for the story, but it would seem Bethan finds herself prepared to do anything to prove how much she wants this new and exciting lifestyle to happen.
I found this 3rd book in the series, definitely stepped up a notch in the explicit and naughty scenes. There was certainly nothing that was left out or skipped on. It shows the extent to which Bethan is willing to go to, she wants more excitement in her life, and she is learning that she has no limits as yet. It would seem James and Claire know this, as they excel at pushing all of Bethan's buttons. Knowing full well she will participate in all tasks that they put before her. I loved the imagination that went in to this box and the tasks within. It was clever, well thought out and of course crazy hot, but it did make me wonder if she would actually go through with them all. 
We also meet someone new in this chapter, the pretty and surprising girl who works in the local shop. It would seem every character is seen to be very colourful and surprisingly open. I do love a shock factor that manages to have me sat gaping at the pages, Her Instructions perfected this act completely. I was continually shocked, but extremely entertained. I always find erotica is best kept short and full of action, the impact is far more powerful when it's not dragged out. This series is a perfect example of this. Her Instructions not only kept the flow going, it managed to become even more intense and vivid. Following Bethan's exploration of her sexuality at a perfect flow. I'm completely intrigued as to what will happen in the next chapter in this series. It would seem Bethan has no limits as yet, and it makes for a very entertaining read. 

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