Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review - Kill Devil Hills (Kill Devil Hills #1) - Sarah Darlington


This was such a surprisingly moving book. I immensely enjoyed it. 
Noah Clarke is 24, gorgeous in a rugged, biker type of way. He is also shy and keeps himself to himself. His best friend is Ellie Turner and always has been. They have done everything together right from their school years, and now they live together and own a business together. Growing up Noah had a rough childhood, bouncing from one relative to another and enduring all kinds of hell. He finally found safety and comfort, staying at Ellie's home. She came from a big family but they all welcomed Noah. 
Four months ago, some horrific things happened with Ellie's family. From one tragedy to another. Georgina, Ellie's younger sister wasn't handling things well and Noah found her at her very worst. He stepped in and saved her in many ways. From that moment on, they are linked in many ways. For four months while Georgie is away, Noah can't stop thinking about her, and it would seem Georgie can't stop thinking of him either. 
Once Georgie returns home, things are a little strange to start with until Noah starts showing just how much Georgie has affected him. He tries to stay away but is drawn to her every time. 
This book started off in the most painful and heartbreaking place ever, and I felt like I wanted to cry before I had even read the first chapter. Yet after that initial part, things seemed to start getting a little less painful and intense and become more sweet. I found myself glued to the pages watching the most tender and fragile beginning turn strong and amazing. Georgie and Noah, were incredibly sweet characters. Georgie had been in a horrible place, trying to deal with so many things, yet as the book went on she seemed to get stronger and become really funny and more of a typical teen girl, enjoying things. Noah was adorable. So gorgeous and protective of Georgie but also finding himself in a new place with intense feelings too. He was a perfect example of what I adore in my book main men. 
All the other characters in the background were also enjoyable, from Georgie's spirited sister Ellie, to her younger yet very sharp sister Rose. I loved the relationships between them all and how close they all were. 
The writing style was captivating, not once did I feel even slightly bored or want to skim. It was written so beautifully and opened my eyes to many issues that were covered in this story. 
I'm not sure whose story will be next in this series but I can't wait, I loved this book and look forward to whoever is next in Kill Devil Hills. 
Highly recommended!

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

PS. This was my 200th review on Goodreads!! :) 

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