Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review - Bound Forever (Bound #2) - Hanna Peach

Wow!! This book kicks off straight after the end of book 1, and that was an intense ending. 
Caden and Kitten, drive off after the chaotic ending of book 1, and we don't really have any clue where. That is until a huge sprawling mansion appears, hidden away from the world. The mansion is Caden's family home and it holds a lot of secrets and pain within the walls. 
We spend most of this book in the mansion. With Kitten finally getting to know some of Caden's many dark secrets. She manages to get him to open up, although he is petrified of her opinion of him when she finds out. 
We also get to see Caden's butler of sorts. He has been with the house and family since Caden's grandfather lived there and is completely loyal to Caden. Yet he seems to take a liking to Kitten and proves to become a friend in the dark and lonely days, when Caden leaves her.
What I loved about book 1, was all the secrets and suspense. I was always left guessing what could of happened. Well this book gave us the answers and big reveals to all those secrets and they were huge! I would never have guessed any of it and was so impressed with all the detail, that was put into all the interlinked stories. 
Caden was a gorgeous, hot mystery right from the start, yet once he opened himself up to kitten and started to explain his past and secrets, I was already in love with him and drooling all over my iPad. He was so torn and damaged, but badly in need of someone to see past it all and still love him. Kitten also had her baggage and pain from her past and needed Caden, as much as he needed her. Their story began with intense and hot sex and still managed to conclude that way. There was never a shortage of heat within their scenes, and it only seemed to get hotter once they knew who they really were.
Amazing conclusion to this story, in fact I think I loved this 2nd book even more. It showed Caden and Kitten at their very worst and also their very best, and showed how perfect they are for each other. The intense passion between them and the web of secrets woven around them and the mansion, made for an addictive read. I absolutely loved this final part in Caden and Kittens story. Never did find out Kittens name though. :)

**I was kindly given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MECHZXW
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B&N (Short link): http://tinyurl.com/naebykr
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