Friday, July 4, 2014

Review - Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy, #1) - Ilsa Madden-Mills


Oh my god, this book has blown me away. Completely. Now I know why there was such a huge amount of fuss about it. 
Leo, a 25 year old, gorgeous guy, owns and runs his own gym. Also takes care of his 17 year old brother Sebastian.
Nora, a 18 year old, Gorgeous, talented, incredibly intelligent and an overachiever. The sort of person you would label 'perfect'. Which is exactly what she hates, and feels like that persona she keeps up for 'mother' is slowly driving her insane. She is beyond fed up of being the overachieving good girl that everyone expects her to be. Nora is convinced her secrets and past makes her spoilt and is determined to change everything. Starting with her list of 'very bad things' that she intends to tick off as she goes through each thing.
Leo sees Nora when she decides to put on a little rebellious show at an important open house ceremony at her posh school. Leo is there to enrol Sebastian, and as soon as he sees Nora, something within him is awakened. He can't stop watching her. It would seem it could be fate at work, as Nora and Leo are brought together again when Nora again decides to put on a different sort of show. This particular act of rebellion seems to bring her right to Leo's doorstop. 
One huge thing I loved about this book, nothing was rushed. It wasn't instant jumping in bed action, the tension and attraction had the chance to build up in to something so much more intense. 
The characters were all amazing, I loved Nora. She needed a huge hug, her past was hideous. Ugly stuff, hidden away eating at her and a family from hell. Leo and Sebastian become her family in some regards. Nora was the kind of girl and character that was unpredictable. She wrote a list, as I said before, that had things she felt she needed to do. From drinking and random hookups to dying her hair. I loved that you never knew which one of the things off the list, she would choose to do. She was obviously hurting and feeling like she had no control over her life, this was her way of feeling like she could control it. I understood why she was doing these things. I just wanted her and Leo to get together, they were so obviously perfect for each other and if fate wants it to happen, then eventually it will. 
The writing style was amazing, really sucked me in. I couldn't fault anything at all. I didn't want the book to come to an end and I desperately want to read more from this series. I loved the character quotes at the beginning of each chapter, it was a lovely touch. 
So fully and completely recommend this book. It was a beautifully written addictive story. I will be hunting for the next book very soon. 
5 stars. 

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