Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review - Saving Love (Billionaire Romance #3) - Sharon Cummin

Wow, thank goodness I was able to read straight on to his book, after finishing the second part of this trilogy. That was quite an ending, we were left with. Chris and Sarah had fought to get back together. Sometimes against each other sometimes to be with each other and when things finally start to look up. Chris does 'that'!!!!!! Wow! I was partly laughing at his typical display of a man not thinking, and partly gasping in shock and feeling so sorry for poor Sarah. Of course I'm not going to spill what Chris did, that would spoil it. Let's just say, it was quite big and terrible timing. So after it happened at the end of book 2, book 3 starts straight off, after the deed. Sarah is part shocked, part mortified, part broken hearted. She runs, again. (I don't blame her) She heads off to get away from Chris and everything she was feeling. She goes back to her apartment, and tries to pick up the pieces, again. It seems every time they get 2 steps forward, they fall 3 steps back. Sarah had just built her trust in Chris back up and was ready to start their life together properly, and now she's back where she started. This time she is determined to get over Chris and start again. Chris is also gutted, it was an accident, and he loves Sarah more than anything. In true Chris style, he fights as hard as he can to win Sarah back. Yet, just as Sarah starts to waver, a figure from her past shows up. It's quite a shock in more ways than one. Yet makes her realise a few things. Chris is now on the reverse, he has decided to give up and move on with his life no matter how hard it may be. So this poor couple just seem to get everything possible thrown at them. Like fates way of saying 'you want it, work for it!' It is definitely never boring when reading these Billionaire Romance novellas. They are short, but full on action all the time. Never a dull moment. This part is the last in this series, and I must say the ending was really great. I was very satisfied with how everything turned out. Very sigh-worthy! Another great read, perfect holiday reading material.
4 stars.

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