Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review - Incandescent (Knights Rebels MC #1) - River Savage

Well, I can now say that Incandescent has popped my MC cherry. The first book I have read in this subject. I never felt it was a subject that I particularly liked, I'm not a girl who is in to 2 wheels, so didn't think a story revolving around a club of them could interest me. Yet, I decided I wanted something new, and MC books are rocking the charts these days. So, Incandescent was my first! Luckily, for future MC books and me, it was a fantastic first choice!
Nix (Phoenix) Knight is the president of Knights Rebels. He and his boys have cleaned up the bad reputation of Knights Rebels MC club, since the days when his father ran it. It had a bad reputation for just about anything and everything and wasn't accepted well within the home county it was based in. Some years have passed and now Nix is running the club and for once, the locals respect the boys and what they do for the area. They run businesses and help out in the community. They still like their parties and fun but they keep to themselves and the club. 
Kadence Turner, is a teacher at the local school. She has had her fair share of heartache and pain and has rebuilt her life back up. She doesn't need any hot, sexy bikers coming into her classroom and knocking her off her feet. 
So begins a very, very, hot and sizzling chase between gorgeous, feisty teacher Kadence and domineering, sexy biker Nix. No matter how much she runs, he is always right behind her, tempting her. 
The absolutely incredible chemistry between these two was almost too hot for my iPad. I loved the way he had such control over her. She fought back time and again, but he had this invisible super power that seemed to ensnare her in his trap, every time he looked at her. It was very hot and I would of gone down first hurdle if it had been me. I've never had a thing for leather and bikes, yet Nix Knight is enough to turn any girl in that direction. 
Although the MC club was the background to everything and was part of everyone's lives, the main story was incredible. What Kadence had been through and how it came back to haunt her, put me on the edge of my seat. The tense situations she was thrown in to, just seemed to make her stronger. The relationships between the men in the club was also incredible, the lengths they will go to for each other. They all have something in their pasts that have made them who they are, also making them all such unique characters. Especially Sy, he is such a mystery. I was so pleased to hear, he will have his own story next. I'm hoping it will include Kadence's best friend Holly. She seemed to get under his skin, in a good way but that also was a big mystery. 
All the characters in Incandescent were incredible, not just Nix and Kadence. It made every page so gripping. Also adding to the amazing characters and intense story, is the crazy hot sex, that seemed to burn up the pages, then ooze out in a puddle. Err actually maybe that was just me. :-/ Anyway, that was scorching hot! 
This book really was such a crazy hot and addictive read. I can't wait for the next one!!

**I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

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