Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review - Gilded Lily (Gilded Flower #1) - Vivian Winslow

Wow, where to start on just how much I loved his book. I seem to have had a weekend of naughty novellas, this weekend and I've loved them!!
Guilder Lily, is the tale of Lily. A 25 year old New York socialite. She comes form a well respected and well known New York family. She comes from a family with a lot of money, but with that money comes a role and name to live up to. She had it all mapped out. She worked her butt off in college, did extremely well, and was set to marry a gorgeous man from another equally respected and well known family in the New York circle. Everything was perfect for Lily. Except for one thing. The day before her wedding she walks in on her husband to be and her twin sister in bed, together!
Lily jets off on her honeymoon to Rio, on her own. She needs to get away and have a break. What she doesn't expect, is to find herself having rather naughty fantasies and experiences with her masseur.
Ever since her plane landed in Rio, she kept bumping in to a rather striking Brazilian man. He was the sort of man you could never forget. Gorgeous, charming and uber rich. He also seemed to have quite a thing for Lily. He works incredibly hard to get his hands on Lily, she works just as hard at fighting him off. There is an amazing amount of chemistry between the two of them, it makes the pages sizzle. (If an e-book page could sizzle)
So Gustavo and Lily, fight as hard as they can. Him towards her, her against her own desires, which seemed to have been awakened since travelling to Rio. Gustavo invites Lily to a 2 day trip on his ranch, which she reluctantly accepts. One of the days is amazing and full of incredibly intense and hot scenes. Yet the trip is cut short, for reasons I don't want to spoil! Lily then rushes back to New York.
For a 70 something page novella, that was intense! Right from page 1, the action was full on. The characters were modern and trendy, living the exciting high life. The heat and chemistry was exciting. Never a dull or boring moment in this novella. The writing style was captivating and had me hooked to this story, that I couldn't stop reading.
When I first saw the cover and heard the title, I was already wowed! The gorgeous picture was perfect. Plus Lilies are my favourite flower, so I was already excited before I had even read page 1. Lol Yes, I'm shallow like that.
I don't think I could fault this first book in the Gilded Flower series. It was a really enjoyable and captivating read!
4 pretty Lily scented stars.

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