Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review - Keeping Love (Billionaire Romance #2) - Sharon Cummin

This is the continuation of hot, billionaire Chris and sweet and quiet lawyer, Sarah's story.
In the first novella in this series, Chris and Sarah had met at a wedding of his nephew and her best friend, in Paris. They instantly felt an attraction and after spending a few days seeing the sights of Paris, hit it off amazingly well. Their was a huge amount of chemistry between the two and hey were well matched. Yet Chris didn't want to make a big deal out of his wealth, and wanted Sarah to know he real him. So he didn't say anything. Sarah's past relationship had made her very reluctant to fall for anyone again. Plus she had become very wary of men in general. So even with those hurdles, they still managed to fall in love and fight any problems they encounter. Unfortunately, Chris wasn't entirely forthcoming about a certain aspect of his past, just before he met Sarah. This comes out at a bad time in their relationship, and Sarah runs. That's where this next novella starts. Sarah is confused, scared and is having her old doubts resurface. She was treated bad before, by her ex and will not let it happen again. Chris, is also feeling bad, he had assumed Sarah had already known part of what happened with him in the past, so didn't mention anything. Yet his decision to not say anything made everything look ten times worse. So this 2nd part in the novella series, finds Chris and Sarah fighting their way back to each other. There is a lot of pain and heartbreak for both of them, trying to get over it. Yet, Chris is nothing if not persistent. He fights as hard as he can to win Sarah back and show her just how much she means to him. I sometimes wanted to say to Sarah, "come on already, give him a chance" but I can see that, that is her character. She was hurt before and is very wary now. Chris was again sweet and sexy, a little daft not to mention the important things though, I can already see where his next problem is going to occur.
It's another short and sweet story, that part summarises, part tells their story. So it skips through the long, filler parts, and gets straight to the important stuff. Which is exactly what I liked about the other stories by this author. It's really great for a quick, easy read. Perfect for Summer holiday reading. Wow, another trademark ending from these novellas, Making me scream, but quickly grab the next novella. Thank goodness, I had the next one ready!! :)
4 stars!

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