Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review - Romance and a ... Series: The Complete Collection - Sharon Cummin

This is a collection of 8 short stories or clips. They are like key points in the story of Emily and Paul. It's hard to explain, even put all together and read straight through (like I did) they still don't quite make a normal book.
Emily and Paul, have known each other for years. Sally, Paul's sister is Emily's best friend and that's how they met. Forward on to when Emily and Sally are both 30 and I think Paul is 33, and Emily is organising a birthday party for her best friend, Sally. Paul shows up early before everyone else, so they get to chat and catch up. They get on amazingly and there is a huge amount of chemistry. That is the start of their relationship, and from there on the 8 short and sweet stories detail the important bits in their life. Like episodes really, TV episodes. That's what it reminds me of.
It was really nice in a way, as all the filler material and sometimes boring bits, were all excluded in this series. So you have literally the action, sometimes it does feel a little bit like somebody just describing what happened, but most of the time I loved how it just cut straight to the chase each time. It made for a quite a quick and exciting read. Knowing that you wouldn't have chance to get bored.
The detail is really clear and paints a gorgeous picture, on the many places they end up at, in this series. I love how you can picture, vividly the same things they can.
The characters are all pretty easy to love, although it's in smaller chunks, it perfectly shows the characters and their relationships. Making them easy to follow, and decide who you want to back. ;)
I read this series after I read Finding Love (Billionaire Romance #1) so this actually filled quite a few gaps and helped me to understand a few things and also a bit more about the relationships within the circle of characters in these stories. It was really nice to have this to read after Finding Love and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
4 Stars.

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