Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review - Tiger Lily (Guilded Flowers #3) - Vivian Winslow

**I was given a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review**

Tiger Lily, book 3 in the Gilded Flower series and the last part in this amazingly addictive and scorching hot story.
I couldn't wait to get stuck straight back in to Lily's story. She is such a different person from whom we saw at the beginning of book 1. She now has been awakened by the various men she come across, since being cheated on by her husband to be, back at the start. She is far more forward and confident, letting it be known, exactly what she wants. She has also been working hard for the family business whilst her father has been recovering. She does it because she has to, yet she knows it's not what she wants for herself. Although the stress of trying to do what's best for the business, mixed with the leftover feelings she harbours for Gustavo, and the new feelings she has developed for Alejandro, has her quite mixed up and confused. Although she has an 'agreement' of sorts with the trust fund baby/bar owner Todd, that only manages to distract her temporarily. She is still left wanting something else. After being knocked back by the serious and gorgeous Alejandro, Lily is at a complete loss. Not knowing what to do with herself, she finds herself in a bit of a funk. Luckily her fun loving and feisty sister Dahlia and her best friend Vi, are around to drag her sulky self off to Aspen for some Skiing fun. What Lily doesn't realise is, that Dahlias boyfriend Rodrigo has brought along his brother and sister again. His brother being Alejandro. Cue some awkward moments in the gorgeous lodge they are sharing. I really loved the atmosphere and especially how, for once Lily has had to fight for a guy. She is absolutely gorgeous, and does know it. All men generally fall at her feet, it was nice to see one that she had to work for, even if she did get knocked back to start with. Again, this book is on fire. The sexual chemistry and sheer imagination of the scenes are pretty smouldering. This final part in the trilogy flowed perfectly. The intense story was concluded amazingly well. I loved how it turned out for all involved. One particular character, I thought we would see more of, disappeared quite early on, but that worked out perfectly for the conclusion.
I thoroughly enjoyed this series, it was a completely refreshing story. I loved the gorgeous back drops of all the places Lily got to visit. Also all the colourful characters that were intertwined with the story. Gorgeous Latin American men and beautifully attired New Yorkers mixed up for a sexy, modern cast. Lots of heat and excitement.
One person who I wanted to see so much more of was Dahlia, she has some secrets and I'm dying to know about them. Luckily, I have found out, she will have her own book!! Yay! I look forward to seeing what the other gorgeous, yet more carefree twin has been up to.
After reading this perfect conclusion to the story, I am desperate to continue reading this Author's work. She manages to enthral the reader and keep them glued to the pages with the exciting characters and story, made addictive with all the naughty activities they get up to. The absolutely stunning cover just about topped this already great book!
A fabulous 5 stars!

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