Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review - Finding Love (Billionaire Romance #1) - Sharon Cummin


Wow for only 50 something pages, that was a really great story. Billionaire Chris meets shy Lawyer Sarah at a wedding and they hit it off immediately. Sarah has no idea Chris is mega rich and he doesn't tell her for some time, so that she will get to know him for who he is, money aside.
We get to see all the best parts of their whirlwind love story. Intertwined with glimpses of some other characters, whom we don't get the full story on in this novella. Paul and Emily, Chris's nephew and Sarah's best friend, whom we met at the wedding. Chris is very close to his family as we see throughout this story. Their is hints at more stories but we don't know the full details. Although short, it is crammed with intense scenes and also lots of naughty scenes. Once crammed with all the good stuff, it left no room for boring bits, so was a perfect quick read. Chris and Sarah are really easy and enjoyable characters to follow, even in the short time that they have in this novella. The beautiful scenery definitely helps!
After I read this novella, I immediately read 'Love and a ......' a series of 8 short stories, that form some of the missing background of Chris, seen through Paul and Emily. It answers a lot of questions about the ending of this book, and also gives us an even better look at Chris.
I felt it needed to be read after this book, and really made the whole story more enjoyable.
Again, a great, quick but intense read. Really enjoyable.

4 Stars. 

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