Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review - Nothing like the First Time - Keren Hughes


Carly and Greyston were childhood sweethearts, met young and madly in love as teens. They did everything together and had many firsts together. A picture of young love that lasts forever. Until it all goes wrong. Grey has the opportunity to take his dream and make it bigger and better, with the perfect job offer of being a photographer abroad. He is madly in love with Carly, but can't see beyond this huge opportunity. He asks Carly to go with him, but Carly is hurt and her heart is breaking at the possibility that the love of her life is going to choose a career over her. She tells him, she won't uproot her life and they part on bad terms.
Ten long years later, Carly is a freelance journalist and has moved on. She has her own home, loves her job and although content, never really got over her first love. Although having had a few relationships, nothing that has lasted. Not when her heart was given to Grey, and he took it with him ten years ago.
That's when all changed, Carly spots grey and something within her is fired back up. As soon as he spots her, it's obvious that his feelings haven't changed after all this time. Yet, Grey is there with a woman, who is showing off an engagement ring. Carly is polite but aloof, keeping her distance and shielding her heart. Yet Grey is persistent, he remembers exactly what he missed from home, and wants it back.
So begins a game of chase, Grey is determined to win back Carly, and make up for the time they lost. Carly wants Grey more tan anything, yet can't possibly comprehend giving in to an engaged man.
It's obvious the chemistry is still present and probably as strong as it was before he left. Whenever they are together, it's sweet how strong they feel for each other. Grey is adorable and seems willing to fight tooth and nail for Carly. Carly is torn on her morals and feelings. The man she never stopped loving, who is also engaged. So follows a series of events to bring these two back together.
It really is quite a sweet and lovely tale of second chance love. Although the odds seem stacked against them, time and again. Fate would seem to step in and give them a little helping hand from time to time. I loved seeing the journey they took and how they handled all the obstacles to get to their happy ever after and finish line. Although they seemed to have to deal with some pretty horrid things thrown at them, they were both strong characters and came back fighting. A very sweet love story that makes you sigh at the perfect moments, and gasp at the heartbreaking ones. 

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

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