Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review - Calla Lily (Gilded Flowers #2) - Vivian Winslow

Well. After the ending of Gilded Lily, the first book in this Gilded Flower series. I was desperate for Calla Lily. I needed to know what happened after Lily ran off back to New York. We were left with Lily and Gustavo's 2 day tryst on his remote ranch in Rio, being cut short. So Lily is now back in New York and has had to step in to her fathers shoes, and help run the family business. It's a welcome distraction, from Gustavo and her newly awakened sexual appetite. Although things do tend to get a bit too much for Lily. Especially when she finds out her fathers company is not doing so well. And someone is determined to buy it. That person will go to any lengths but it would seem at a cost. In this 2nd part in the series, we also get to see far more of Lily's twin sister Dahlia, whom I actually really like. It would seem she was trying to help Lily before by showing her what a cheating scumbag her fiancé was. When her motives are known, we see her to be quite a fun and feisty character. She made me laugh repeatedly. Through Dahlia we also meet a family of Cubans, WOW with all these gorgeous Latin American men. Her we meet Alejandro, he is the eldest brother of the family. Quite serious but stunningly gorgeous, and someone who seems to be quite interested in Lily. We also have a few meetings with Gustavo, but Lily puts on a brave face and chases him away. Considering, she is quivering and melting on the inside. He seems very hard to resist. So it would seem this 2nd novella in the Gilded Flower series, is just as hot as the first part. Poor Lily is totally conflicted over what she wants and there is plenty on offer to her.
Again another 70 ish pages of awesome writing, addictive characters, steamy action, and amazing places. Again, why do I live in cold, boring England, I need to be in Miami or Rio, like now!
Calla Lily, consistently followed the smooth flow, sharp lines, and hot and addictive characters perfectly. Another ending, which I had to follow on to the 3rd part, immediately. This series is truly addictive!
A beautifully scented 4.5 Lily petal stars!

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