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REVIEW - 8 Second Decision - H.J. Bellus

TITLE- 8 Second Decision

AUTHOR - H.J. Bellus


Merek Slatter is the wild card on the Silver Star Ranch in Texas and always has been. He’s blessed with his granddaddy’s love of the ranch yet haunted with chasing that gold buckle eight seconds at a time. 

Tensions are high on the ranch when circumstances threaten to take it under. His dad and brothers pressure him to stay home and become an active cowboy on the ranch. However, Merek is addicted to the road and rodeo. He’s home anytime he can be and provides plenty of money to keep the family ranch afloat, but sometimes it takes more than what’s in the bank to protect tradition. 

Now home on a three-month break, Merek finds himself all tied up with the new girl in town. She’s quiet and reserved but there’s something about Challis’ green eyes and feisty attitude that makes her irresistible. When he runs into her at a rodeo and catches a glimpse of her on horseback all hopes of leaving her alone flies out the window. 

There are several rumors floating around town about her, however that doesn’t stop Merek from going after what he wants. He knows she’s off limits and only full of trouble, but Merek thrives on trouble and adrenaline. 

Then the road calls again and it’s time to leave. 
Eight Seconds
Gold Buckles
And the high…
What will he choose?

My Review:

8 Second Decision is a sexy cowboy novel. If you love some cowboys with a rough attitude, but also loyalty and devotion, this is the story for you. I cannot wait to read the next book that HJ Bellus. The writing style in this book is spicy and sexy. There is enough heat in this book to bake a cake.

8 Second Decision follows Merek and Challis. Merek is a well known rodeo figure who has won lots of metals and money. He is also a part of the Slatter fanily, who is known for running a good ranch and having plenty of money to spare. Challis is the only child, a daughter at that, of a rodeo ledgend. She has also made herself a name in the rodeo world for being a great barrel racer. Her father recently passed and she has a whole mess of issues she's trying to fight through.

HJ Bellus did a spectacular job developing these characters. Merek changes quite quick, but I think he was a man waiting for a reason to make changes to his life. There were times in the story where he would show some of his past, but for the most part, he kept moving forward. Challis was slower to change. She was raised by a strong man and is a strong independent woman as a result. She's stubborn and resists change. This makes her development even more satisfying.

This story is told from both main characters point of view. I really love this writing style in romance novels. It allows us to read each person thoughts and see the meaning behind their actions. As we all know, one person's actions are not always perceived how they are intended. I love being able to see this dynamic.

I can see there being plenty of books in this series. Along with the minor characters that can be used, the minor plot was never solved. This would be my only complaint of the book. I think the ending had a bit too much action. I felt like we had our climax and were coming down when the author threw in another hill to climb. With that being said, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I love cowboys so I might be biased. The writing style was enjoyable and I loved the characters. I really hope we get to see a glimpse of their futures in future books.

Favourite Quotes:

“Did that Merek Slatter get you all hot and bothered, sister?”
“Ewww. You mean the walking and talking STD? And that’s a big ass no.” Tori and Challis, 8 Second Decision

“What, you’ve never seen tits before, Champ?” Challis, 8 Second Decision

“Who cares? I’ve been raised around asshole cowboys my whole life. Water off my back, and I’d settle being your flavor of the month if that means I get one month with you.”
Now that gets his attention , Merek quizzically stares down at me. “Did you just admit that you’re into me even a little bit?”
“Maybe.” I shrug.
“Shut up and kiss me, Challis.” Merek and Challis, 8 Second Decision

Star Ratings:

Plot: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing style: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5


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