Thursday, October 15, 2015

Top 10 Lists - Vampires

  • Marked - PC & Kristen Cast (House of Night #1) - Goodreads 
★ Vampire High School. Chosen kids attend the House Of Night. Clever, sexy, and at times dark.
  • The Awakening - L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries #1) - Goodreads 
★ The Original story before the TV series. Nothing like the TV series. More clever, with great world building and exciting characters.
★ Mainly an Angel story, but in book 2 a different sort of Vampire becomes involved, and they are incredible!! Irish, sexy and full of magic. This entire series is addictive.
★ Greek Myth and warriors mixed in to high school life. A strange sort of Vampire (Daimon) is the enemy. Full of action, incredibly sexy characters, and addictive mythology. One of the best JL Armentrout series.
★ An obvious choice, but always a good one. Love it or hate it, it started the Vampire addiction for some, and it will always be a classic. Team Edward or Team Jacob?
★ Another Vampire High School type story. This time there is the vampires, who tend to be the hierarchy of the world (and school), and the half blood warriors are the rest. They live to protect the vampires, and guard them from those who didn't quite get the royalty vampire gene. Those who are more like your regular street vamps.
  • Glass Houses - Rachel Caine (The Morganville Vampires #1) - Goodreads 
★ A different and clever Vamp story. A regular college girl moves in with some colourful housemates, in a new town where things are quite the norm. They all become great friends, and she eventually learns of their secrets, and the town's secrets. Turns out she is quite special herself. Nerd to special 'one' kind of drama. Great long running story. Sexy Vamps!
★ A completely original Vampire story. I wasn't even aware it was a vamp story to start with. Completely clever, somewhat dark, and does contain some trigger warnings. Mental Health issues and other subjects that readers may have issues with. Very emotional and clever. Not sparkling skin type vamps. ;)
 Sex, secrets and succubus. Destiny has dangerous plans for the last pure breed vampire and a transitioning half breed.
★ This is more of a darker story. A more edgy and gritty story. Survival and keeping your head, in the worst of situations. Can be disturbing, but very clever and addictive.

☆ Special Mention to Courtney Lane, author of The Vamp Experience (The Teaser & Afterplay). Which would have been included in the list but the books are currently unavailable. ☆ 


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