Monday, October 26, 2015

REVIEW - Firebird - Jennifer Loring

TITLE - Firebird

AUTHOR - Jennifer Loring


Stephanie Hartwell is a journalist chasing the story of her career… 

When superstar hockey player and notorious bad boy Aleksandr Volynsky is traded to the Seattle Earthquakes in a blockbuster deal, Stephanie demands the opportunity to prove herself by scoring an exclusive interview with a man with no love for the media…the same man she once thought, as a naïve teenager, she’d someday marry. 

An Olympian and Stanley Cup Champion, Aleksandr has achieved every goal he’s ever set… 

Now expected to carry a failing team on his shoulders, Aleksandr’s troubles deepen when he encounters Stephanie after a season-opening loss. His lifestyle of drinking and random hookups has been a futile attempt to forget the beautiful tomboy who stole his heart nine years ago. And worse, fame and fortune have made it impossible for him to trust anyone—especially Stephanie, who is engaged to another man. 

Romance rekindles, but tragedy reveals Aleksandr’s dark side… 

Being with Aleksandr in the first place jeopardizes Stephanie’s journalistic integrity and threatens her career, and when he spirals out of control, it reawakens fears from her own history, making her unable to commit to a future with him. 

When Aleksandr discovers the truth behind his self-destructive behavior, will his newfound self-awareness be enough to convince Stephanie to give him one last chance… 

Or will his revelation drive her away for good?

My Review:

“3 stars, a real love story one could get behind” 

Sometimes life shows us our future before we're ready. Like a little glimpse of what is to come if one is patient. This is definitely the case in this story. 

Alex and Stephanie met when they were in High School, he came over from Russia to play hockey and Stephanie was the one to teach him better english. They fell in love and the next thing you know is he has to go back to Russia, thus breaking the relationship. 

Fast forward eight years and they are put into each others paths once again. Stephanie has been playing on the safe side of life since Alex left. She thinks she only deserves mediocre love and a job she isn't happy with. Alex sets her soul on fire and reminds her we all deserve the very best. 

Unfortunately Stephanie has someone else in her life who she has to think about before Alex. 
Alex has been lost since he left Stephanie the first time, and when he finds her again it's game over. He will do anything to get her back in his life. He's a hot headed jock who comes with many issues. Will he be able to keep his woman once trouble comes? Does love truly conquer all? 

Firebird made me feel on so many different levels. I got with my husband when I was seventeen so I understood the struggle they had when they were young. I loved how Jennifer Loring showed a different side to the sports aspect then what I've seen before. It was a real story. Is it worth going against the grain in order to achieve everything you've ever wanted? Would you be able to walk away from the only person you've ever wanted for the second time if push came to shove? 

Here are some of my favorite quotes; 

“I was so angry because I thought you were rejecting me for your fiancé’s sake. But now I get it. You thought that even if we did sleep together, I’d leave. That’s what I do. And I’d do it to hurt you. Am I right?” 

“Maybe this sounds stupid, but some people think there are souls that keep meeting in different lives, and in every new life, they search for each other because there’s something they need to learn or do. So if you believe in that kind of thing, we’ve been traveling together for lifetimes, and in this lifetime, we have to complete whatever we left unfinished.” 

“This is what love is. It’s irrational and extraordinary; it’s pain and sorrow, and joy and laughter. It’s us. It’s always been us.” 

“Though time can change so many things, I know one thing is true— Time will never change the love I feel for you.” 

Star Ratings:

Plot- 3/5
Characters- 3/5 
Heat- 3/5 
Writing style- 3/5 
Overall- 3/5 


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