Thursday, October 1, 2015

Top 10 Lists - Rockstars & Musicians

This week's Top 10 is Rockstars / Musicians! Mmmm Drummers *Drools*

Thoughtless - SC Stephens - Goodreads
Two guys, a girl and a rock band. More importantly, Kellan Kyle!

All Your Reasons - Nina Levine - Goodreads
A Rock star named Jett & a Photographer named Presley. One hot night and a whole lot more!

Play - Kylie Scott - Goodreads
Mal is the funniest rocker you'll ever read about, him and his pumpkin are AMAZING together. 

High Strung - Tina Gephart - Goodreads
You know the old sayings about opposites attract? Well Dan & Ashlyn are the epitome of that. Feisty!

Conviction - Lesley Jones - Goodreads
One couple with so much history find themselves together by chance and finally here each other truths. So sad, so happy. So good!

Storm - Carian Cole - Goodreads
Take a woman who is lost, a sexy stranger to offer a helping hand, and a blizzard and you have more than one type of storm brewing.

Deep - Kylie Scott - Goodreads
What's a girl to do when she gets knocked up by a super rockstar??? The last (and my fave) book in the Stage Dive series.

Rock The Heart - Michelle A Valentine - Goodreads
Secrets, lies & sexy time. Lane & Noel have history, is there any chance of a future?

The Mighty Storm - Samantha Towle - Goodreads
A bad boy rocker and the girl who was once his best girl. A messy deal and soooo much angst. 

Rising - Lisa Swallow - Goodreads
A notorious bad boy of rock hits ultimate rock bottom. Meets his match in troubled, feisty, upcoming new talent Ruby. They battle their own demons together. * Contains sensitive subject matter, trigger warnings*.


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