Thursday, October 29, 2015

Top 10 Lists - Fantasy

For this weeks top 10 list on SBR blogs, we're bringing you Fantasy!

Depravity - M.J. Haag - Goodreads
Benella just wants to help her family survive, but does fate have other plans?

Runes - Ednah Walters - Goodreads
Raine was a normal teenager with a normal life up until she meets the mysterious new neighbor. Once she learns the truth about him, will she choose to learn more about him or walk away?

Significance - Shelly Crane - Goodreads
Maggie is a teenage girl who has lost everything and has no future to look forward to. That is until she meets Caleb and her whole life changes drastically.

Bound by Duty - Stormy Smith - Goodreads
Ameila has always known that she is far from a normal human. All she wants is to have one normal experience before she is set to give her life away to another, but will fate allow her to or will it demand she fulfill her duty sooner than she expects?

Ignited - Desni Dantone - Goodreads
Kris has a huge target on her back for death, or so she thinks. She knows that she has almost died 4 times in 14 years, but does not know why she has such luck. When the mysterious stranger who continues to save her life shows up, she learns that there is more in this world than humans know about and she is right in the middle of it all

A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas - Goodreads

An addictive, dark and gritty tale. A human girl forced to live in the Fae realm. 

The Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare - Goodreads

An incredible look at hidden worlds, the sort that are only visible to certain people. Full of magic, ancient rules, and imminent war.

Hunted - Evangeline Anderson - Goodreads

A warrior who vows never to take a bride and a bride who fears everything the warrior is.

Lions Heat - Lora Leigh - Goodreads

The boogeyman of the breeds Jonas its finally forced to meet his mate, but there are enemies who still want to destroy the breeds and they plan on using Rachel and her daughter to do that.

Shadow - Laurann Dohner - Goodreads

Part Human, part animal the New Species have all struggled in their own way when they've found their mates, but none more so than Shadow, who's mate Beauty on paper is as weak as they come. Beauty disagrees.


Thanks for reading our Top 10 Fantasy. Next week Top 10 New Adult

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