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REVIEW - Richard's Reign - Vanessa Fewings (& Series Recap)

TITLE - Richard's Reign (Enthrall Sessions #6)

AUTHOR - Vanessa Fewings

Released October 25th 2015


Richard Booth is the senior dominant at the elite BDSM club Enthrall, a thrill-seeking bad boy with an insatiable appetite for dangerous sports and disciplining submissives. His signature brand of wielding pleasure and pain has spread through whispers in Hollywood.

Andrea Buckingham is a young, gorgeous, rising actress on the verge of tackling the movie role of a lifetime, but the strains of a celebrity lifestyle and the relentless demands of a fierce filmmaker threaten to extinguish her rising star. 

Andrea pleads to Richard for a salvation from her troubles that only he can provide. But is she too lost to be found? Too fractured to be fixed? 

In the most daring of all the Enthrall Sessions, Vanessa Fewings plunges her readers into new depths of passion.


Experience the original spellbinding trilogy of the Enthrall Sessions:


Enthrall Her

Enthrall Him

And its three Enthrall Sessions novellas:

Cameron's Control

Cameron's Contract

Richard's Reign

My Review:

I've always made a point of tirelessly recommending this series to anybody who needs something sexy and addictive to read. It's also no secret I have always been team Cameron, and never swayed in my devotion to the dark, sexy, and stupidly clever Dom. So when it came to Richard's story, I was inquisitive of course, Richard is a great character, and I wanted to see more of him. But I was also a little nervous to read the story without Cameron's presence. 

I very rarely like books with actors and actresses in the story. It's not a subject I have any interest in at all, so I did wonder what that was going to be like. I need not have been worried. Vanessa Fewings faultless storytelling kept me hooked, as I knew it would. 

Andrea Buckingham, up and coming actress of the minute, takes her craft seriously, and her latest role is in jeopardy if she can't be convincing, and make the audience believe her. She needs the help of an expert in a certain area, but being nervous about the topic she needs help with, means needing somebody discreet and good at what they do. Someone who will also break down some personal walls for her. 

Andrea pursues Richard Booth. Senior Dominant at elite BDSM club Enthrall. After being told he is one of the very best. She soon finds out why Richard's name was passed on to her. Richard brings out a different side in Andrea, and teaches her things about herself she never would've dreamed of doing or feeling. 

After losing Mia, Richard never expected to feel the way he does, around anyone. He didn't want to take on Andrea, didn't want another woman that needs to be trained. After his last sub, he doesn't want to do it again. But Andrea pleads, and Richard, who is curious, gives in. 

I'd been a shipwreck caught in the storm.Through Andrea I'd found safe harbor.

This novella is obviously based on someone who is new to the BDSM scene. So we get to see what Richard does best, show the readers a side of that world, that leaves us totally enraptured, and addicted to the story. It's shown to Andrea in a way that entices her, and leaves her wanting more, and of course us too. 
This is obviously down to the incredible writing of Vanessa Fewings, and the amazing world she has built throughout the Enthrall Sessions series. I will never tire of anything that is connected to Enthrall, this is obvious in the fact that, even with Cameron missing from the story mostly, I still loved every minute. I was scared that without the presence of Cameron, who is a character who literally steals the pages, that I would find the story lacking in some way. I couldn't of been more wrong. Richard holds his own as another sexy, additive Dominant, that has me wanting more.

The fact that Richard's story was spread over just one novella, meant that the pace was sharp, snappy, and completely gripping. The heat within this particular chapter in the Enthrall sessions is on top form. It's smoldering, and intense as it always is in Vanessa's books. 

I think if I had never read any of the books in this series, prior to Richard's Reign, I would've been completely hooked, and probably would of been madly in love with Richard. His story was fantastic, and he certainly gives Cameron a run for his money. But, I am loyal and will keep my fingers permanently crossed that we haven't seen the last of Cameron. I also hope there is more to come from this dark and delicious world. 

Richard's Reign is without a doubt highly recommended. With or without the rest of the series. It is deliciously addictive, and clever. Another look into the world of those who like to play hard, and have the money to do it in style. 

Not allowing myself to love had been the darkest of all betrayals.
 A decision forced by my own hand, no less.

5 HUGE Stars!

Series Information:

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Enthrall Sessions #1

Mia Lauren is a single, twenty-one-year old working in a West Hollywood art store who dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer. When an unexpected offer arises to work at Enthrall, L.A.'s premier fetish club for the wealthy, Mia accepts. It's a salary beyond her wildest imagination. 

Mia becomes the secretary to the club's assistant director, blond and broody Richard Booth. Richard is not only one of L.A.'s most beautiful and wealthiest men, he is also the club's senior dominant. Mia is both drawn and terrified when he reveals flashes of his white-hot passion, threatening an unbound pleasure like no other. She knows her attraction may be her undoing, but the spellbinding feelings render her powerless to resist his advances. 

What Mia cannot know is that Enthrall's dashing director, thirty-year-old Cameron Cole, who is also the club's psychiatrist, has lured Mia to save his best friend and patient Richard from his obsession with thrill seeking. Cameron masterfully sets up sexy scenarios to ensure the collision of Richard and Mia, hoping that love will save him. 

However, despite Cameron's noble intentions, he also finds himself enticed by Mia's haunting innocence. Passion and pleasure stir, forming a dangerous love triangle. This is the world of the forbidden. This is the embrace of Enthrall.

Enthrall Her
Enthrall Sessions #2

This is the escalation of the forbidden. This is the power of Enthrall. 

Deemed too feisty to train. Too defiant to dominate. Mia's journey into the world of the forbidden takes its next step. 

Richard Booth, her master, must make the crucial decision...let her go or give her over to the only man who can her truly subjugate her, Cameron Cole, Director of both Enthrall and the preeminent BDSM manor Chrysalis, and a connoisseur of the dark arts. Cameron's gift with shaping blossoming submissives will ensure Mia reaches her potential, a destination that may take her too far. 

Mia's choices will lead her to places both within and without that she never dreamed possible. 

But when her training is complete, will Cameron be able to return her to Richard, or will her transformation have bewitched him beyond repair?

Enthrall Him
Enthrall Sessions #3

This is the reward of the forbidden. This is the ecstasy of Enthrall. 

Billionaire Cameron Cole is the one in control. He makes the decisions of both pleasures and punishments. He is the ultimate master. Owner of L.A.’s preeminent BDSM clubs, Cameron has yet to relinquish the all encompassing control of his submissive, twenty-one year old Mia Lauren. Mia’s training unlocks a maelstrom of passion. A powerful connection. An unpredictable result. Her uninhibited journey intensifies by the day, but there are new complications on the horizon. 

A powerful rival of Cameron’s has emerged with a relentless desire to make Mia his own. Lance Merrill has the means and the will to take what he believes is his and bring down an empire in the process. Mia is taken by Cameron to London for her protection. Her obedience will be tested in ways she could not have foreseen. Richard Sheppard, her former master, has decided it’s time to take her back. Will Cameron give her over? 

Or will the choice be hers? 

In the rousing third novel of the renowned Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings guides her readers through the uncharted territories of raw passion into the most heated corners of the human heart. 

This is true obsession. This is the time for Mia to Enthrall Him.

Cameron's Control
Enthrall Sessions Novella #4

Cameron's Control is the novella that follows the events in the bestselling erotic romance series The Enthrall Sessions. Author Vanessa Fewings is pleased to offer the continuation of the sensual journey with her readers. 

Passion has a price. Fortune has a fate. 

In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal. In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates. 

One woman has pierced his infamous armor and unexpectedly seized his heart. Her reward? Everything a submissive could desire: A master’s total protection, unconditional love, and a ceaseless romance that continues to transform her by the day. Cameron demands complete submission, and he will get it. 

He has everything a man could want. Everything a woman desires. But every master is put to the test. 

Cameron’s arrives in the form of a past love. The woman who once suffered immeasurably when he refused to marry her, now seeks revenge. If she can’t lay claim to Cameron, no one can. 

This woman is dangerous. She has secrets. Secrets about his current submissive. About those close to him. Secrets that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. 

The choice will have to be made: business or love? The rule of an empire? Or the heart of a woman? 

Cameron’s Control in the first novella in the acclaimed erotic romance series The Enthrall Sessions by Vanessa Fewings. 

With this new story, Fewings continues to expand the seductive world that has captivated readers around the globe, a collection that includes the three novels Enthrall, Enthrall Her, and Enthrall Him.

Cameron's Contract
Enthrall Sessions Novella #5

Enemies swirl. Boundaries break. Love shatters. 

The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his possessions will feel his wrath. Billionaire Cameron Cole is a man without equal. For his true wealth is his intellect. 

Words bind, and once ink soaks paper, lives change. 

With Cameron’s Contract, the second novella in the bestselling Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings raises the stakes and deepens the passion for a world renowned psychiatrist and his beloved submissive.

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